Summarizing the results at the end of 2016, at the reception for the representatives of the tourism industry of Serbia and media, Mr. Rasim Ljajić, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, pointed out „ 77 various infrastructure projects were carried out within tourism in Serbia, 70 international conventions and events were held, five new airplane lines were opened (The most important destination is Newyork), tourism development strategy 2016 – 2025 was adopted, 22 new hotels were opened (9 of them only in Belgrade), and the execution of subventioned holidays in the country through 60,000 vouchers and active branding of Serbia as travel destination starts since January 1, 2017 as well“.  
Ms. Marija Labović, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), stated „Serbian offer as travel destination is increasingly plentiful and of content, the caravan of the campaign My Serbia passed through 13 cities in the country, the winter campaign Serbia All I Love is in progress, The Danube – 588 Impressions won 11 international awards so far, two mobile applications were created – the Audio Guide through Serbia, intended for the transit guests and 52 Weekends in Serbia, Serbia was featured in the two biggest global tourist guides - EyeWitness and Poliglot, Serbia was visited by more than 340 travel organizers, the Convention Bureau won 18 of 40 candidacies, while 20 of them are still under consideration. We also plan the continuation of the online campaign at the most important markets, such as Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, former Yugoslavia countries, but also far markets of China, USA, United Arab Emirates, Iran and others“. 

As regarding the Serbian tourism, particularly interesting are the latest results of just completed research in 2016 related to international tourists, showing 64% polled tourists selected Serbia as some of the online capaign types, first of all the Internet, 48% intend to come again, 47% are mostly attracted by the cultural/historical heritage and as regarding the general estimation of the visit to Serbia, most of them agree there is an outstanding offer and price relation and even 94.7% of them express their satisfaction by their tourism travel through Serbia.




National tourism organization of Serbia

+ 381 11 6557100


Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Department of tourism
+ 381 11 3122855



On January 18, 2017, in Madrid (Spain), 2017 is designated as the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR DEVELOPMENT, as decided at The United Nations (UN) 70th General Assembly. This resolution (adopted on December 4, 2015) recognizes the importance of international tourism and particularly of its sustainability, fostering better understanding among people, further leading to a greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations and better appreciation of the values of different cultures, thereby contributing to the strengthening of peace in the world. 
As declared by Mr. Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General, “The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector, mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change.“

2017 – INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR DEVELOPMENT will promote tourism role in the following five key areas:

Svetska turistička organizacija




TGI Group International

+ 381 11 3032235



Greece Serbia Tourism Forum, was held in Belgrade, considering the ways of enhancement and development of the economic and tourism cooperation between the two countries, was held in Belgrade (December 14, 2016, Metropol Hotel). The Forum, organized by TGI Group International, under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and the Tourism Organization of Belgrade (TOB), was opened by Mr. Dimitris Trifonopoulos, GNTO Secretary General, pointing out „Tourism is the 'artery' of Greek economics and the incomes from this branch contribute with 20% of GDP. About 900,000 Serbian tourists visit Greece annually, The best visited destinations are Halkidiki, Tassos and Olympic Riviera, and there are more and more of those exploring Greek islands, such as Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Zakynthos and Skiatos. The office opened by us here confirms our intention to raise the cooperation to a higher level, to the mutual satisfaction“.
Having joined the speech of her Greek colleague, Ms. Renata Pindžo PhD, Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, pointed out „Greece is the leading travel destination for the citizens of Serbia, from which we can learn much, but we should not be competition, we should work on forming a mutual tourism product, intended for the overseas markets. Serbia, in which more than 200 Greek companies operate, became an attractive place for tourism investments. Greece is an excellent partner of Serbia, having invested about two billion Euros in it“. The data showed by Ms. Marija Labović, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), also show the increased number of the Greeks visiting Serbia, „Only in the period from January to October 2016, there were about 40% more Greek tourists compared with the same period last year. Thus they entered the list of 10 Top Tourists visiting Serbia. According to the data of the national Bank of Serbia (NBS), they spent about 10 million Euros, which is not bad, but also shows there is space for further cooperation advancement“. 
At the Greece Serbia Tourism Forum, where many B2B meetings between the tourism sector representatives, as well, it was agreed upon, in order to enhance the existing cooperation, Serbian tourism industry should be featured in Athens in 2017.






Organized by the Contemporary Hotel Management & Tourism Magazine "Tourism World", a member of ALCO Group, under cooperation with the Association for Tourism at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, the most prominent personalities and organizations within tourism and hotel management were awarded the Good Service Ambassador awards, for the anniversary tenth time (Belgrade, December 14, 2016, Crowne Plaza Hotel). As declared by Ms. Ljiljana Rebronja, CEO and Editor of the Tourism World magazine, „We would like this trade get together, a hotel industry fest by itself, to grow already in 2017 into the traditional socializing of hotel managers and their friends from Serbia and the region at the end of a successful business year, the socializing deserved by the representatives of this Ambassador profession, as well.“ Welcoming the attendees, Mr. Rasim Ljajić, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, invited all hotel managers and catering staff to include in it, in order to enable the citizens to realize their right to the subventioned use of the of accommodation through the voucher distribution scheme. The citizens of Serbia will have at their disposal 60,000 vouchers to the amount of RSD.5,000.
On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Good Service Ambassador awarding, at the gala dinner, including the hotel managers and their business friends and associates from Serbia and other countries, as well the representatives of the institutions, media and the Diplomatic Corps, all previous winners of this prestigious award were introduced and thank-you notes were handed over for the long aged cooperation with the Editorial Board of the Tourism World Magazine. Special award – Good Service Ambassador Decoration Class 1, was awarded to Novak Đoković, as reward for his outstanding contribution to the reputation of Serbia in the world. On behalf of Novak, the Decoration was received by his parents Srđan and Dijana Đoković.

ISTN provides attached the list of the Anniversary GOOD SERVICE AMBASSADOR award winners.


Tourism World

+ 381 11 3050 716 


From December 2016 to February 2017, many events are held in Belgrade on the occasion of the New Year’s and Christmas holidays. Under the title Belgrade Winter, Belgrade inhabitants and guests from the whole Serbia, Region and Europe have got various features and programs at their disposal. Thus, the Lonely Planet portal, in its travel recommendation section, suggests Belgrade as a destination that should be visited in January.

The Open Heart Square has been organized at the Republic Square (by February 1, 2017), with wooden cottages selling the traditional New Year’s products, the holiday atmosphere is completed at Nikola Pašić Square by outdoor ice skating (by February 1, 2017), Winter at the Sava Promenade (by February 15, 2017) and the Fairy Tale Square (by January 15, 2017), intended, first of all, for children, while Belgrade Fair hosts the Belgrade New Year’s Festival (by December 30, 2016). Concerts on December, 30 and 31, 2016 in front of the House of National Assembly, make Belgrade inevitable good amusement place.

The Open Heart Street is an event that exceeded Belgrade area and became a recognizable brand name, promoting the family and hospitality spirit of the city. Every year, on January 1, the area between Svetogorska and Makedonska Street and this year also, for the first time, the Skadarlija, is marked by the carnival atmosphere with many entertainers, music, clowns, jongleurs, programs for children, Santa Claus and souvenirs. The Orthodox Christmas Celebration is traditionaly on January 7, by the liturgy in the St.Sava Church, at Vračar and Česnica breaking on the Republic Square. The Orthodox New Year’s Eve, on January 13, is celebrated in addition to the Old Royal Court, City Hall, also in restaurants and clubs and, first of all, in the Bohemian Skadarlija, with the traditional cuisine, live music and atmosphere to remember.

ISTN provides attached the New Year’s program of the Belgrade Winter event.

The City of Belgrade
– Secretariat for Economy


Tourism Organization of Belgrade



The beginning of the winter tourism season in Serbia was first marked by the traditional Kopaonik Evening, where the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia and MK Mountain Resort gathered the winter, snow and skiing fans and invited them not to miss Kopaonik, where they are expected by “Four months of the best winter amusement, top quality hotels, outstanding prepared lanes, unlimited selection of the amusement features and many interesting events throughout the season”. This was followed by the International Fair of Winter Sport Equipment, Tourism and Recreation EXPOZIM 2016, where the Ski Resorts of Serbia, attending it under this season slogan A View from the Height, sold ski passes with 10% discount  and then the full season on Serbian mountains – Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Stara Planina was announced also by the very popular and well visited Ski Opening event.
Mr. Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, points out “Ski Resorts are quite ready for the winter season. The artificial snowing system on the Stara Planina operates perfectly and the latest generation machines have been purchased for Kopaonik.

12. – 15. january i 26. – 29. january
23. -  26. february
9. – 12. march
30. march – 2. april

The new Children's Town, with many interesting components, is free of charge for the youngsters and for the next year we also plan a garage construction, which will solve the car parking on Kopaonik. For the winter sport fans, 5 TOP SKI WEEKENDS were created with the ski pass price lower for 20%. As regarding Kopaonik, the most attractive winter tourism resort in Serbia, the hotel managers are also satisfied by the hotel filling. As declared by Mr. Nikola Avram, CEO of MK Mountain Resort, „Beside Serbia and Montenegro, our most important markets, the markets of Romania and Russia have been especially activated this year”.

ISTN provides attached the price list of the Ski Resorts of Serbia for the winter season 2016/2017.


Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia
+381 11 3117901



The Merkur Special Hospital in Vrnjačka Spa

+381 36 611626


Special Hospital Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa is waiting for the year 2017 by special action WINTER IN MERKUR (January 8 – March 31, 2017), which includes MEDICAL BOARD, consisting of basic, personalized and gift services and the ADDITIONAL GIFT SERVICES with the value of RSD.9.180, which understand excursions to the ski resort Goč and treatments at the Spa Center Fons Romanus.

Particularly currently interesting are  SPECIAL ACTION – FOR 7 AND MORE DAYS (The package value is RSD. 37,110, for 7 days – withing the Winter in Merkur action RSD.27,930), as well as 10% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT.

They point out in Merkur also great interest in the services use of the Center for Medical Esthetics, Zerona laser and Antiaging Program, as well as the program, in which all Diabetes diseased being at the insulin therapy have the right once in four years to the Education and Rehabilitation Program, lasting for 10 days, financed by the Republic Fund for Health Insurance Serbia.  

ISTN provides attached the current Merkur programs.




Junaković Spa, which end the year 2016 by Lika Humanitarian Outdoor Party within the program Support Life, organization of final tournaments of Serbian Junior Bowling Championships, as  well as the program called The Unforgettable New Year’s Eve 2017, enters the new business year with many plans execution. Special program has been created called SPEND WINTER IN JUNAKOVIĆ SPA with  facilitations for the staying for 30 and more days, SPECIAL OFFER FOR RETIRED PERSONS has been created, 10% DISCOUNT is currently in progress for all who fully pay their package 10 days before arrival. The discount is related to the ingle direct bookings and lasts by May 1, 2017.

As declared by the  Junaković Spa management “Our programs understands the staying of one, two or three days, the use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, Tepidarium, underwater and hand massage (relax, anti-cellulite, honey and chocolate, feet reflex massage, Scrub Marine Spa Treatment, Holistic and Ayurveda massage, Argan Therapy and lymph drainage), algae body treatment, 'Gypsum Bermuda Shorts’, the Morocco Wellness program, as well as the use of the eight lane bowling unit ‘Junaković Spa’.”

ISTN provides attached the current packages and programs of Junaković Spa


The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin
+381 25 772477,  +381 25 772311




Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, offers its guests interesting programs after the original New Year's Eve 2017 at the swimming pool with thermal water, with champaign and buffet, with the dominating Peloid use for therapeutic purpose, with the positive impact to the general condition of the body, stress reduction and relaxation, as well as modern Wellness features. As declared by the Kanjiža Spa Management,“We have got the curing mud and thermal mineral water with the temperature of  51 to 72°C, and provide our guests with relaxation by natural resources uniting regeneration, refreshing, recreation, prevention and beauty care under professional monitoring“.
The offer of Kanjiža Spa, destination tourism holder, has been formed in the programs My Weekend, Ultra Last Minute“, Shopping and Spa Weekend, „10 Days Program: Osteoporosis“, Program for Retired Persons with the Possibility of Payment in Installments, as well as several Weekend Programs with the accommodation based upon full or half board. For the Kanjiža Spa guests there is also the possibility of the organized town sightseeing with a tourist guide,as well as  excursions to the Ethnic House in Male Pijace, Lička House in Velebit (with brandy tasting), Majka Salas and ‘Fruit Queen’ Salas, to the Wine Castle in Hajdukovo (with wine tasting), the Palić and Ludoš Lakes, Zobnatica Stud Farm and other destinations.

ISTN provides attached the current programs of  Kanjiža Spa.  


The Kanjiža Spa

+ 381 24 875 163




The medicine and tourism combination is a fairly new tourism type. The statistics show almost 5% of all international travels are related to the medical tourism. Thus, the market value of this tourism type is more than 100 billion US Dollars. At the turn of 2016 into 2017, they remind from the first private general hospital in Serbia, BelMedic, which provides various medical services – examinations, the state-of- the-art diagnostics, surgical treatment (operations), inpatient treatment and postsurgical hospitalizing in luxurious apartments, home visits, ambulance transportation of patients and other services, spreading at three locations in Belgrade connected by a unique Call Center and integral computer network, they formed under the title Your Health is in Your Hands its medical/tourism offer intended for both local and international clients and the travel agencies, which should recognize their interest. Since the researches show the destination selection is under the influence, beside the price also of the medical service standard, hospital skills and equipment, but also the location attraction in the tourism meaning, Ms. Jasmina Knežević, the Founder and CEO of BelMedic General Hospital, points out „Medical tourism a travel to other countries, in order to get medical care, a dental or surgical intervention. The term has been created as an easy acceptable way for a quite new growing industry, which enables people solving their medical problems while travelling for holiday and enjoying the beauties of the country, in which their medical care has been provided. Our plans are that BelMedic tries by its service quality, under cooperation with the Ministries of Tourism and Health and all travel agencies, to create from Serbia a desirable and high quality location for the medical tourism development”.




+ 381 11 3091000


+381 11 2444676



LASER CENTER DIVA (Belgrade, 9, Prote Mateje Street), supporting the enriching of Serbian medical tourism offer and carrying out DERMATOLOGICAL ANTIAGING PROCEDURES and LASERS, performs many programs. Since the global researches show in the sales structure of medical tourism 42% goes for orthopedic, cardiological, cardio surgical and neurosurgical services, 40% for the dental ones and 15% for the esthetic services, LASER CENTER DIVA, the only institution in these regions having ten dermatological and surgical lasers and radio waves. By their combination, outstanding and long lasting results are accomplished, taking a high position. As declared by Ms. Nataša Zmbov, DIVA LASER CENTER Founder, „After all fests and food taking, we enter the New Year with the suggestion for the Ultrasound Lipolysis, which provides outstanding results in the cellulite and obesity treatment. A combination of ultrasound, lymphatic and vein drainage enables fast release of the excessive water and toxins from subcutaneous fat tissue. The method is noninvasive, painless, safe and efficient. During the five treatments series, 4 – 8 cm is lost in the circumference of the treated area. The selective removal of fat layers enables the circumference reduction where most necessary and thus, get the body line in a quite safe way”.                                                                                                                                 

The LASER CENTER DIVA provides also special discounts under the slogan MEET THE SPRING READY, from January 1 to 31, 2017 to this type of treatment.  




Providing support to the nautical tourism development in Serbia, the Society of Shipbuilding Engineers and Technicians organized at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade (November 28, 2016) a lecture under the title „Designer Role in Shipbuilding“. The central point was the project presentation Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments, which won the Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA 2015). As declared by Ms. Svetlana Mojić, the Owner of the Archtecture Office Salt & Water and the author of this project, “These catamaran apartments may easily be separated from the dock and driven al low speed. Thus, the guests may select the holiday location themselves and research the surrounding area. Moving in them is much easier than in similar ships. Thus, they are excellent selection for the families with children or older people. The catamaran apartments are environment friendly and therefore may be used also on the protected water surfaces. When passing through the central floating construction, where the reception, restaurant, event hall, staff offices and a café are located, guests are reaching pontoon pathways which are connected to the apartment catamarans.  Each apartment is a unit for itself, consisting of a living room with kitchen, sleeping gallery, bathroom, corridor and a large balcony. The apartments connect the guests with the nature, providing them full insulation from daily stress”.

At the Salt & Water Studio they say there are negotians in progress with the interested investors regarding the production commencement of these catamaran apartments in Serbia.





Organized by Sacen International, International Center for Tourism and Hospitality Development, at the Palace Hotel in Belgrade (on December 15, 2016), recognitions were awarded on the occasion of 21 Year of the Festival of Holy Days, Religious Fests, Wine, Hospitality and Tourism of Serbia – Slavagastro. After the traditional Holy Day welcome, the special recognition International Knight of the Southeast Eeurope Gastronomy was awarded to Ms. Ančica Dimitrijević, Professor in the Niš Hospitality School, a member of the Association of Catering, Hotel and Tourist Workers of Niš, the absolute winner at the Slavagastro event.

As declared by the organizer, “This event objective is to gather professionals from the hospitality branch, to enhance the catering/tourism offer, as regarding the national cuisine, with special focus on Holy Days and the Orthodox Religion, to support and encourage the cooks, restaurant owners and managers to adopt the innovations contributing to the product quality rising“. The recognition awarding on the occasion of the Slavagastro Event Anniversary, was preceded by the Round Table Conference with the topic „Dual education in Hospitality and Tourism“.



Sacen International

+381 11 2154545




The portal European Best Destination designated the Advent in Zagreb as the best one in Europe for the whole year 2016, under competition of twenty cities, among them also the destinations famous for Christmas Tradeshows and the atmosphere at the fest time, such as Vienna, Brussels, Strasbourg and others. At the Advent presentation in Belgrade, Ms. Martina Bienenfeld, CEO of Zagreb Tourist Board, pointed out “Advent is organized in Zagreb from November 26 to January 8, 2017 at about twenty locations and we offer our citizens and guests of Zagreb a program full of events, concerts, specialties and surprises. The Advent, taking place in the Upper City and New Zagreb, includes Fashion Advent, At Rudolf’s, Advent in Design District, Advent in the Tunnel, as well as the traditional programs, such as Live Christmas Creche, ArtOmat, From Christmas Balcones to Zagreb, New Year’s Eve at the Ban Jelačić Square, Ice Park at the King Tomislav Square and other attractions”.
At the Belgrade Promotion, beside the Zagreb Advent, the Advent in Opatija was presented, as well. As declared by Ms. Suzi Petričić, CEO of Opatija Tourist Board,  „By a plentiful and diverse program, the Advent in Opatija connects all key locations in the city all the time till January 15, 2017. The music performances and the appropriate hologram projections take the Art pavilion and city parks, The Summer Stage is becoming the Winter one with a skate rink and Santa Claus arrives also at the Nature Park Učka and to the Santa Claus City at the 4  Opatija Flowers Hotel”.


Zagreb Tourist Board


Opatija Tourist Board


Tourist Office of France - Atout France published the last data of the position of France at the global tourism map, pointing out the year 2016 as one of the most successfull ones so far. The Tourist Guide The Best of Lonely Planet designated Bordeaux as the Most Attractive Global destination  to be Visited in 2017. Thus, this city was positioned before Cape Town, Seoul and Moscow. According to a research of the Cities of Opportunity 2016, performed by the US  PwC company, Paris is the fourth most attractive city in the world in 2016. Paris was also designated in front of Rome, Firenze, St. Petersburg and Vienna as the Best City in the World for Art and Culture. And “QS Best Student Cities” selected it as The Best City for Students, in front of Melbourne and Tokio. The World Travel Awards jury pronounced Lyon, with the old districts at the UNESCO World Heritage List, for the Best Weekend Destination in Europe 2016. 

Tourist Office of France - Atout France, supporting the candidacy of Paris for the Host of the Olympic Games 2024 (the selection is held in Lima, on September 13, 2017), published also the telephone number, which may be used by tourists from the whole world if they have any questions about France: + 33 176 498 498


Atout France
Francuska turistička organizacija



The 11th International Fairs of Tastes GASTexpo & ICE CREAM AND WINE is held on February 1 – 4, 2017, in Ljubljana. As declared by the organizer, „The Fairs of TASTES became in nine years one of the best fairs, oriented to the market of Slovenia and the neighboring countries. By its features, it covers three fairs: International Trade Fair of HORECA, Gastronomy, Drinks, Coffee, Pastry and Bakery. At the same time, there are also the Ice Cream and the WINE Fair, as well as Tourism Fair ALPE ADRIA”.
In addition to the latest catering trends, the workshops for manufacturing of drinks, ice cream and biscuits will be organized at the fair, as well and there will be also a competition in the manufacturing of ice cream and pizza, to which competitors from Serbia have been especially invited.

Primorski sejem d.o.o.
+ 386 5 6260216