After the Serbia promotion in the region, in Bulgaria, Slovenija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Montenegro, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) makes a break in the campaign SERBIA DAYS – SEE SERBIA to continue it after the summer period, on September 8 in Hungary, October 12 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Under support of the Tourism Organizations of Belgrade, Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Niš, Zlatibor, Western Serbia, Leskovac, Dragačevo, Raška and Ivanjica, festival organizers in Serbia and HORES, NTOS featured what mostly attracts regional tourists and these are, in addition to the tradition and gastronomy, also the events  EXIT (July 6 – 9, 2017), Guča (August 9 –13, 2017), Nišville International Jazz Festival (August 10 –13, 2017), Belgrade Beer Fest (August 16 –20, 2017), Nušić Show (August 25 –27,2017) and Barbecue Show (August 28 – September3, 2017). Special presentations have been organized for tour operators and media, as well. 
The local NTOS campaign MY SERBIA, intended for the local market, in order to present the tourism offer of Serbia in the summer period, has been continued this year, as well. As declared by Ms. Marija Labović, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, „The results achieved by this NTOS promotional activity in 2015 and 2016 preceded to this year's campaign planning. We present Serbia offer and invite local guests to spend their summer holiday or a part of it at destinations all over Serbia“. During the promotion at the squares in four cities: NIŠ, June 16, ČAČAK, June 23, NOVI SAD, June 30 and BELGRADE, July 7, 2017, Tourism Organizations of the regions, cities and municipalities present their tourism offer, distribute promotional leaflets and show tourism films. At its stand, the NTOS organizes knowledge quiz for visitors How Much Do You Know Serbia and the prizes are awarded by the local Tourism Organizations, under cooperation with Serbian Spa Association, Ski Resorts of Serbia, HORES and YUTA.


National tourism organization of Serbia

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ISTN provides attached the promotional films of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia.






Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Department of tourism

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The Annual Meeting of the UNWTO Regional Commission for Europe, held in Moldova (June 6 – 7, 2017, Kishinev), was attended also by Serbia, which submitted its candidacy for the third mandate, the period from 2018 to 2021 in the most important body of this international organization. On this occasion, Ms. Renata Pindžo, Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, pointed out “Serbia remains devoted to the sustainable tourism development and fully supports the UNWTO Travel Platform until 2030”. She invited all Meeting attendees to attend the International Conference ‘Sustainable Tourism Development in the Danube Region – New Perspectives’, which will be held in Belgrade on June 29 – 30, 2017.

In addition to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, this Conference organizers are also the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Beside the representatives of Serbia, the attendees are also the guests from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenija, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova and other countries. Some of the topics of the Conference are “Investment into Staff – Skills Overcoming”, “Development and Promotion of the Danube Transnational Products”, “Heritage Revitalizing through the Creative Industry Products” and others. 

The visit to Golubac Fortress, Donji Milanovac, locality Lepenski Vir, sailing on the Danube, a visit to the Court Complex in Belgrade and other locations and destinations will be organized for the Conference attendees, as well.  

ISTN provides attached the Conference preliminary program.




On the occasion of the year 2017 adoption as the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR DEVELOPMENT by the United Nations (Madrid, January 18, 2017), Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, points out “Every day, more than three million tourists cross international borders. Every year, almost 1.2 billion people travel abroad. Tourism has become a pillar of economies, a passport to prosperity, and a transformative force for improving millions of lives. The world can and must harness the power of tourism“. The power of tourism is still mostly felt by the USA and Spain, then China, France, Germany and then, with the changeable results, particularly since the appearance of the terrorism in this branch, other countries. South America has been appearing increasingly at the tourism map lately. In addition to the high security level, it can offer many things to the tourists – from the Andes mountain massive, the magnificent river of Amazon, beaches along the Pacific, lakes and spectacular waterfalls, plentiful cultural heritage going back for centuries and extremely hospitable population. However, among the South American countries – Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile, included united into a travel tour in the increasing number of the global tour operator offers, Peru should be mostly pointed out.

This country, the witness of the mystic Inca Empire in the Sacred Valley and on Machu Picchu, in which rises the largest, longest and most mysterious river Amazon, in which the Andes touch the sky and the Pacific Ocean pounds immense beaches, with the capital Lima where it never rains and it is overfull of greenery, which is considered to have one of the best cuisines in the whole world, was visited by the Internet Serbia Travel News team.

The report from this travel is in the chapter WITH THE SUITCASE THROUGH THE WORLD.

Internet Serbia Travel News

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In order to present Serbia at the international market, National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) organized study visits of British media journalists and US bloggers (May 15 – 21, 2017), as well as the journalists from Germany (June 7 – 11, 2017). 
Since, according to the statistics, in the first three months of this year, Serbia was visited by 18% more tourists from United Kingdom and 36% more  from the USA, the journalists from these countries were interested in lifestyle, tourism and gastronomy, city break destinations Belgrade, with complete tourism offer and Novi Sad as the european Capital of Culture and they had the opportunity to visit also Zlatibor and its surroundings. The journalists from German media got to know three big rivers through the visit called The Danube, Drina, Morava – Western Serbia, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Čačak, Topola, enjoyed the gastronomic magic skills of Zlatibor region, wines of Fruška Gora, drive by the Šargan Eight, visit to the Karađorđević Family Mausoleum on Oplenac and the Monasteries of the Ovčar – Kablar Gorge.  As regarding the guests from Germany the statistics count in the first four months of this year the tourist number increase for 24% compared with the same period last year. 
Beside the direct attracting of international tourists, the result of such tourism journalists’ visits is visible also within the Convention Tourism. At the recently held festivity on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Serbia Convention Bureau establishing, Ms. Marija Labović, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, and Igor Kovačević, CEO of the Serbia Convention Bureau, announced the latest data of  ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), by which Serbia has been among the first 50 global destinations for six years. At the 2016 rank list, Serbia took the 48th position in the world, i.e. the 25th one in Europe. Belgrade took the 51st position and it is at the level of the cities such as Dubai, Glazgow, Rotterdam and Boston.


National tourism
organization of Serbia

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DOBA Faculty

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Mob. + 381 65 2287999


According to the data of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, Serbia was visited in the first three months of this year 6% more tourists, 1.5 million nights were achieved in total, which is the growth of 2%.  This shows, just like in the world, tourism in Serbia is one of the fastest growing activities and the inducing developing power.  Pace with such growth has to be kept by everyone in the chain of tourism demand and supply, they have to show they have got skills within sustainable tourism, behavior toward the clients and the rules of hospitality, they have to be ready for frequent travels, staying at tradeshows, to work on weekends and feasts in several shifts. And to be able also to study in addition to all this, DOBA Faculty organizes online studies, enabling full flexibility in this engagement field. As declared by the DOBA Faculty Management “We are the leading performer of the complete online studies, the only 100% online faculty in Serbia and the only Faculty with international accrediting of online studies UNIQUE in the Southeast Europe. We were the first one to start the online studies and at present we have got the highest quality, the most contemporary and the biggest online studies constantly advanced and updated by us. Our students are extremely satisfied and 3,596 graduates prove how much we are successful in this branch. Our accredited online study program within tourism in Serbian language - BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM is conceived to process contemporary, practical, internationally oriented features. The students are taught during the studies by the expert from the practice, they are followed by excellent online mentors, preparing them for the work in tourism, in order to provide as good results as possible and be most respected”. 
Applying for the online studies at DOBA Faculty lasts until June 30, 2017. 

ISTN provides attached the Conditions for the Program Admission  BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM,
as well as the  Information of the Program itself.






The summer season started officially on Serbian mountains already middle June. Those spending the summer on Kopaonik enjoy mountain biking, paragliding, safari tours, off road quad driving, panoramic drive by chairlift, archery, trekking tours, riding school and the Amusement Park activities - bob on rails, zip line and tubing. As declared by Mr. Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, „After the excellent winter season, Kopaonik contunues working also during summer, since our objective is to have the mountain full of tourists both in winter and summer.
The Adventure Park construction is under progress. It will be intended both for children and adults, with many interesting obstacles, being the real adrenaline attraction. As regarding Zlatibor, Tornik gets lighting at the multi-functional tennis, basketball and mini football ground, as well as the Artificial Rock. Downhill tracks and those for mountain cart i mountain bike, panoramic drive by chairlift, bob on rails, tubing track and mini golf. On Stara Planina, the panoramic drive gondola is operating and an outdoor gym and a playground with a tower and a toboggan for children are under preparation

Ski Resorts of Serbia organize during summer also PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES – SUMMER 2017 (July 7 – 9 and 21 – 23, August 4 – 6 and 25 – 27), which understand 15% discount to specific amusement features.



Public Company Ski Resorts
of Serbia

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Sokobanja is the Municipality with the longest tradition of organized tourism in Serbia. 8th June according to the old calendar or 21st June according to the new one, is considered the beginning date of dealing in the organized tourism in Sokobanja and Serbia, since on this date in 1837 the first Serbian voucher was written, with which the Sergeant Major Lazarević was sent to Sokobanja for mineral water treatment, as ordered by Prince Miloš Obrenović. Announcing the celebration of 180 Years of Sokobanja Tourism, the first environment friendly Municipality in Serbia, called The Green Heart of Serbia, Mr. Isidor Krstić, President of Sokobanja Municipality, points out at the conference in the National Tourism Organization of Serbia,"Sokobanja has got complete tourism offer in the continental tourism and absolutely the cleanest air in Serbia”.
Although it cannot be praised for some special hotel capacities, Sokobanja has got 12,000 categorized beds in private accommodation. It has got wonderful surrounding, many arranged picnic resorts, such as Lepterija, Sokograd, Kalinovica, Ripaljka Waterfall, the Moravica Spring, the Bovan Lake and others. Special attraction is also the Aqua Park Podina.  However, the greatest advantage of Sokobanja is in the medical tourism. Thus, Dr. Vesna Milanović, CEO of Sokobanja Special Hospital, says “The radioactive gas radon, sprayed in the air here, creating an ideal relation between the positive and negative ions, cures bronchitis, asthma, neuroses, high blood pressure, rheumatism, anemia, exhaustion and it has beneficial impact to the complete body revitalizing”.

Sokobanja Special Hospital

+ 381 18 830124


On the occasion of 180 Years of Sokobanja Tourism celebration, the construction of a cycling track has been announced, taking from Sokobanja to the Bovan Lake, as well as the completion of the Spring Summer Stage, which will be the center of many events, such as The Spa Cultural Summer, The Golden Hands, Accordeon Player Competition and others.

Organization for Tourism and Culture of Sokobanja

+381 18 833988





Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, during the year the host to various event participants, as well as teambuilding sport teams, is daily the host to many groups and individuals coming to Kanjiža to attend the unique natural phenomenon  prisustvovali jedinstvenom prirodnom fenomenu - the Tisa River Flourishing. In the period from June 10 to 26, just for a few days and just for a few hours, the Tisza ‘starts blooming’. At the walking path Tisza Flower, at the 150th kilometer of the Tisza River bank, at the exit from Kanjiža toward Horgoš (near the gravel plant), some time just before the sunset, the unusual bridal-dance starts from the depth of the Tisza River. The insect ‘Tiszaflower’ or Palingenia longicauda swarms in its love dance ritual, after a few minutes, flies above the water and, after a short flying, it dies after mating before the sunset. This unique event, taking place, in addition to the Tisza River in the Northern Banat and the Tisza River Basin, only in the Great Yellow River in China, is followed by thousands of tourists from Serbia and Europe from their boats or from the land.
Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, which promoted its current programs and packages, as well as convenient programs for the treatment of retired persons, with the possibility of payment in installments and 20% discount throughout the year, in Belgrade, at the events THE THIRD AGE FAIR and BELGRADE MANIFEST, enters the full season with DETOX package, including the swimming pool, sauna, general relaxation massage, squeezed fruits and vitamin salad, AI CHI program, which understands the spirit and body harmonizing at the swimming pools and the SALT SAUNA, in which bricks are used from salt rocks from the Himalaya, combined with wood. As declared by Dr. Med. Slobodanka Drndarski, CEO of Kanjiža Spa, „ The negative ions are heated and released in sauna, creating the fresh bacteria free ionized air and all this together carries out detoxing, relaxes the muscles, increases the blood circulation and heart rhythm and balances the sugar in blood”. Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa also organizes for its guests, under cooperation with the DMO Kanjiža, the excursions “Meeting Kanjiža“, „Shopping Tour to Szeged“ and „Visit to the Consumer Goods Market in Subotica”.

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa.




The Kanjiža Spa

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The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin

+381 25 772477
+381 25 772311


Tourism organization of Vojvodina

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Under the organization of Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, the fifth edition of the event Vojvodina Days was held in Belgrade, featuring the tourism offer of this part of Serbia. As declared by Ms. Nataša Pavlović, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, “Beside Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora, Vojvodina is a destination of farms, diverse gastronomy, good wines and many events”. Since Vojvodina is also the medical tourism destination, special place at this event was taken by the offer of Junaković Spa, including, in addition to many travel packages, also various Wellness and Spa programs, curing water, sauna, practices in the swimming pool, Wellness treatments and various massages. In addition to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools with geothermal water, the outdoor Olympic swimming pool starts operation, as well and the Spa guests may also use the eight lane bowling unit, as well as tennis and beach volley courts, play table tennis, ride bicycles or visit the Town of Apatin sightseeing (the town center, Church of the Synaxis of the Holy Apostles at the Danube, Apatin Marina and others).

ISTN provides attached the current packages and programs of Junaković Spa



Tourism Organization of Čačak

+ 381 32 342360



WITOS organization from Germany, having the experts in medical tourism and marketing in tourism, presented at the Workshop in Čačak (June 7, 2017) the project  Serbian Medical Tourism Promotions in Germany, opening new opportunities for the promotion in German and European tourism markets. The project includes spas – rehabilitation centersfrom Serbia, having the relevant rehabilitation and accommodation capacities. The cooperation with the WITOS organization was established in March at the ITB tradeshow in Berlin, when the Tourism Organization of Čačak, along with the Atomic Spa Gornja Trepča, presented at the stand of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia the medical tourism offer. The meeting in Čačak gathered representatives of nine spas - Sokobanja, Prolom, Lukovska, Bukovička and Ribarska spa, Kanjiža Spa, „Termala“ Vrdnik, „Merkur“ Vrnjačka Banja and Atomic Spa Gornja Trepča, selected by the project, the representatives of the Ministries of Health and Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, but also the interested parties from the Association of Private Medical Doctors and Dental Medicine Doctors from Čačak, who would like to include themselves in the global development trends of medical tourism.  




According to the data of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the international tourism turnover in the European Union the medical tourism industry counts annually the turnover growth of 25% (the regional recorder is Austria) and the research shows 5% of all international travels are related to a type of medical tourism  (in the total turnover structure 15% is related to the esthetic surgery).

This way also DIVA LASER CENTAR in Belgrade, a dermatological institution with the longest tradition, performing DERMATOLOGICAL ANTIAGING PROCEDURES and LASERS, which has just entered the market with LIPO LASER, under the slogan „Favourite procedure from the red carpet”. As declared by Ms. Nataša Zmbov, founder of DIVA LASER CENTAR, “LIPO LASER is the world hit, enabling you to take your body to the desired weight and now, we have got it, as well. Besides, we have got also ten dermatological and surgical lasers and radio waves and, combining them, we accomplish outstanding and permanent results”.
In the DIVA LASER CENTAR, located in Belgrade, in 9, Prote Mateje Street, where the new methods of noninvasive lipolysis are carried out, as well as the most efficient treatments of cellulite and obesity, THE CONSULTING FOR DERMATOLOGICAL LASER IS FREE OF CHARGE.



+381 11 2444676


June 1, International Day of the River Sava, which flows through even four countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, was celebrated also this year by various tourism events. One sails on the Sava, on which the nautical and environmental tourism develop increasingly, by private boats for recreation, enjoyment and fishing, or by major ships, such as ISTAR (, supporting the complete tourism offer. The Sava water is clean, full of high quality fish and the banks are covered by dense forests and attractive locations, where sport – cultural – gastronomic competitions are increasingly organized.

On the occasion of the International Day of the River Sava, the Nautical Association SAILORS organized the NAUTICAL SAVA RALLY with the idea of sailing popularizing and the contribution to the nautical touris development. The rally participants were motor boats and yachts and the finish was at the pontoon near the Sailors Club (km 17+400 left bank), where the awards were granted to the winners. 

The International Day of the River Sava was celebrated, under cooperation with European Center The Danube and Sport Fishing Club Bandar in the Pearl Nautical Village, in Boljevci, also by the Cultural Center Surčin, which organizes the event BOJČINSKO CULTURAL SUMMER 2017, from June 17 to September 9, at the outdoor summer scene in Bojčinska Forest, in Progar, near Sava. The programs are performed every weekend and they are free of charge for the visitors.


Nautical Association SAILORS

+381 65 6288452


Cultural Center Surčin

+381 11 8440271


European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural – tourism events shared by the citizens of Europe. As declared by the organizers „The pan-European nature of the events contributes to bringing citizens together and highlighting the European dimension and the value of cultural heritage in 50 States.
This year’s European Heritage Days celebrate the intrinsic relationship between people and nature under the common theme „Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities“. Emphasis is given to heritage values embodied in nature, to the extent to which the environment shapes people’s lives and lifestyles and its contribution to their well-being and socio-economic prosperity. The events taking place in urban nature sites, historic gardens, national reserves, home yards, national parks, heritage biotopes, protected areas, every day and outstanding landscape will help people to connect to nature and explore its diversity and cultural values“.    
On the occasion of European Heritage Days, to be held in the second half of September, the project 101 EVENT IDEAS FOR THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS was presented in the Council of Europe as inspiration for the program creation to highlight people’s relationship with their immediate environment, preserving nature, heritage and landscape for future generations.

ISTN provides attached the project 101 EVENT IDEAS FOR THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS.

Ministry of culture and information





Organized by the Adventure Network Association, the first Adventure Outdoor Festival is held on August 16 – 20, 2017 in the Special Nature Reservation Jerma, in the triangle between Pirot, Dimitrovgrad and Babušnica. As declared by the organizer, “We are a young team, exploring with great enthusiasm unknown sections of the canyon, visiting the peaks and almost abandoned villages, writing down various life stories of the people from these areas, but we find beauty in this al, initiate and find actions and execute the actions for the region reviving.  Under support of the local institutions on the Vlaška and Greben mountains, trekking and mountain running paths will be marked, the sport climbing directions equipped, the camp arranged and interesting outdoor activities will be featured through various adventures. All activities are executed by experienced trainers, guides and instructors with the tested equipment”.

This Festival organizers announce also the climbing festival, extreme rock climbing, mountain and night running, cycling and the entry into the Vetrena Dupka cave, slackline – walking on the balancing tape and creative workshops for children, descending down the rock, climbing or mountaineering to the view points.

The applications for the Festival are open until July 30, 2017 on the Website


Adventure Network Association

381 62 237687 

The first Hotel Operations Weekend (HOW), the European festival with the theme of hotel operations, will be held on September 28 – 29, 2017 at the Falkensteiner Spa Hotelu Iadera in Petrčane near Zadar (Croatia).  As declared by the organizer „The festival aims to gather tourism representatives and middle management in hotels from accross the region and present them with the international trends in hotel operations and examples of good practice. We are targeting  hotel directors and managers of all types of hotel operations. We want them to get new tools they cam implement immediately after the festival, to hear the colleagues' and regional experts' experiences and network additionally , to engourage them to implement quality and diversity of daily hotel operations, just what makes each hotel director different from the competition“.

Festival HOW

+385 91 7610885

 A form part of the Hotel Operations Weekend (HOW) Festival are also panel discussions and lectures with the themes: „International Trends and Challenges in Hotel Operations”,  „How to Ensure Quality Communications Inside Hotel Sections“, „How to Use the Consumer Psychology and Behavior Pattern in the Tourism Industry“ andIoT (Internet of Things) – Each Offer May Be Individualized“.