Although statistics are always subject to different interpretations, they are however based upon checkable figures. In this respect, the promotion strategy for the next year is prepared at the end of the year also in Serbian tourism, among others also based upon them. Therefore, the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia for the period January – October 2017 are interesting, saying 13% more tourists stayed in the Republic of Serbia compared with the same period last year. Among them, there were 8% more local tourists and 18% more international ones. 11% more nights were achieved.  The local guests stayed mostly in the spa resorts (39%), then follow the mountain resorts (34%), while the international ones stayed mostly in Belgrade (52%). As regarding the countries, the highest growth of the tourists number is from Israel (270%), China (174%), then from Belgium (41%), Germany (22%), USA (26%), Turkey (21%), Russia (15%), etc. Expressed in nominal figures, the highest tourists number is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Russia, Germany and other countries.

Since such results are greatly also the consequence of the activities of National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), Ms. Marija Labović, NTOS CEO, points out the promotional campaigns are oriented to getting Serbia closer to the local and international guests.  The intention is to show the offer diversity, but also Serbian creativity, innovativeness, entertainment and gastronomy.
NTOS takes Serbia into the new tourism year 2018 by the promotional campaign under the slogan ’See Serbia – Winter Holiday is Nearby’ lasting by the end of February 2018. It includes the winter mountain resorts (Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Zlatibor, Tara, Zlatar, Divčibare, Sjenica...), Serbian spas (Vrnjačka, Niška, Bukovička, Sokobanja, Prolom spa, Atomic Spa Gornja Trepča...), as well as the city centers (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar ...) with special focus on the current museum offer and the atmosphere in the cities during the winter holidays. Special attention has been paid to the promotion by the social networks Facebook and  Instagram and the proposals for winter holiday in Serbia are presented through the innovative formats, such as  Facebook Frames, live Facebook reactions, cinemagraphs  and 180o video, specially created for the campaign purpose.


National tourism organization
of Serbia

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National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), the organizer of the national selection of the European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN, declared the winner of the open competition held in Serbia, to which 26 valid applications arrived, with this year's topic CULTURAL TOURISM, is NOVI PAZAR Municipality. The accompanying destinations are Sremska Mitrovica and Zaječar. The winner destination in Serbia competed with the tangible cultural heritage, which includes, among others, the monuments on UNESCO listMedieval Complex Stari Ras with the Saint Apostels Church Petar and Pavle (Petar’s Church), Monasteries Sopoćani and Đurđevi Stupovi, a part of Transromanica cultural route of the Council of Europe, the sights from the Ottoman Empire period – Novi Pazar Fortress with the Old Town, Altun-Alem and Lejlek Mosques, Isa-Beg Hammam and many other localities and features illustrating the wealth of tradition and dynamic development of this multicultural environment. The open competition winning was the reason for the Serbian tourism journalists to visit Novi Pazar, but also to assure themselves this destination, in addition to plenty of valuable cultural/historical monuments, original gastronomy and rising trade, is shown also by hospitable, warm-hearted and kind people. In this respect, Ms. Ljiljana Lešević, CEO of the Tourism Organization of  Novi Pazar and Mr. Nihat Biševac, The Mayor of Novi Pazar, were outstanding hosts to the journalists who concluded, after everything they saw and experienced, Novi Pazar should become an inevitable destination in the tourism visit programs of Serbia.

The winner and two accompanying destinations will be included in the EDEN Network and promoted also at the international level through a special publication devoted to this project, as well as by Websites of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, European Commission and social networks.

After the visit on the spot and direct getting to know it, INTERNET SERBIA TRAVEL NEWS provides a report on NOVI PAZAR in the chapter TOURISM DESTINATIONS 


National Tourism Organization
of Serbia
- Project EDEN -

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Tourism Organization of
Novi Pazar

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KANJIŽA SPA, officially established in 1913, celebrated festively ITS DAY (November 24, 2017). Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, an outstanding medical/tourism institution equipped with the state of the art physical medicine and medical rehabilitation devices, intended both for those who come  for prevention, using various anti-stress, spa and sport programs and those who need rehabilitation, accomplished this year, by October inclusive, even 55,000 nights. The use of the vouchers of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia in 2017 was increased even for 239% compared with the previous year. Significant funds were invested in the medical equipment and early this year an important investment was started – reconstruction of the swimming pool area, that satisfies now all needs of both standard guests and the disabled persons and mothers with children. As declared by Mr. Ivan Đoković, Vice President of the Government of AP Vojvodina, „This hospital is currently the leading one in Vojvodina and beside the medical importance, it has got also the high tourism one. The visitors are not only from Serbia, but also from the neighboring countries. By its extra services and plentiful offer this spa is different from the other ones. In the festive atmosphere, Dr. Slobodanka Drndarski, CEO of Kanjiža Spa, mentions “We have got projects for the offer advancing and these are the second stage of the Peloid block and the reconstruction of the hydro block. Production of the feasibility study for an outdoor swimming pool is under progress”.
THE KANJIŽA SPA DAY was the real opportunity to present the results of the carried out investments and the INTERNET SERBIA TRAVEL NEWS Team assured themselves this spa really provides the guest with a combination of healthy, beautiful and useful. With the recommendation and current programs, we provide the celebration report of THE KANJIŽA SPA DAY in the chapter Medical Tourism.



The Kanjiža Spa

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AMADEUS, the leading provider of advanced technological solutions for the entire travel industry, celebrated (on November 22, 2017) the 30th Anniversary of the company establishing. The company’s story begins in Spain in 1987, when Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS decided to form a new global distribution system. In only seven years more than 100,000 travel agencies and airlines were connected with the AMADEUS system, used by airlines, hotels, rent-a-car, railway companies, travel agencies, online portals, corporations, travelers and others. AMADEUS employs about 15,000 people all over the world, who work in the company’s head office in Madrid, Development Center in Nice, Computer Center in Erding, as well as more than 70 local Amadeus Commercial Organizations all over tye world, in more than 190 countries. 

At the Anniversary celebration, Mr. Srđan Džuver, AMADEUS Manager for the Markets of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, pointed out "This Anniversary is for us 30 years of continuous cooperation with our partners, 30 years of continuous investment into the advancement of the existing systems and development of the new ones, but also 30 years of the travel industry creation and  shaping. Whatever the future brings, you can rely on AMADEUS, devoted to continuous investments into research and development. Now and in the forthcoming years”.






The International Scientific Conference on Tourism and Hotel Management SITCON 2017 (Singidunum International Tourism Conference) with the topic Human Resources and the Future Tourism and the idea to define the basis for further cooperation with the representatives of tourism industry on the development of educational study programs within tourism and hotel management, was held (December 15, 2017) at Singidunum University in Belgrade. In constructive atmosphere of the communication with students, Professor Dr Slobodan Unković, Emeritus, suggested „Young people in tourism resorts should start learning in the earliest childhood how to be good hosts“ and Professor Dr Slobodan Čerović, Decan of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, insisted upon the exchange of opinions with the participants of the tourism/catering industry, in order to „crystallize the future expert profile“.
The basic idea of the panel discussion, inspiriting coordinated by Dr Jovan Popesku, Professor, was based upon the need of the students, on one side, to possess innovative knowledge in tourism, hotel management, food economics and other complementary activities and, on the other side, on the need of the management of the tourism / hotel / catering industry to get the staff necessary in practice. This was mentioned also by the panel discussion participants, such as Doc. Dr Miroslav Knežević, State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Aleksandar Seničić, YUTA, Dr Georgi Genov, HORES, Živorad Vasić, Delta Holding, and others, adding the management needs and requirements has to be followed by the appropriate compensation for the employees’ work.
After the panel discussion closing, awards and recognitions were granted to the tourism industry representatives within the project Quality Estimation of the City of Belgrade Tourism Offer, organized by Singidunum University for the second year, along with its partners, Secretariat for the Economy of the City of Belgrade Assembly, Tourism Organization and Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade and Business Associations HORES and YUTA.

ISTN provides attached the list of award winners


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The beginning of the winter tourism season in Serbia was first marked by the traditional Kopaonik Evening, where the Ski Resorts of Serbia, along with the Kraljevi Čardaci Hotel and Supernova Travel Agency,  gathered the winter, snow and skiing fans and invited them not to miss Kopaonik, where they are expected by “ 150 days of the best winter amusement, top quality hotels, outstanding prepared runs, unlimited selection of the amusement features and many interesting events throughout the season”.

This was followed by the International Fair of Winter Sport Equipment, Tourism and Recreation EXPOZIM 2017, where the Ski Resorts of Serbia, attending it under this season slogan A View from the Height, sold ski passes with 10% discount and then the full season on Serbian mountains – Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Stara planina was announced also by the very popular and well visited Ski Opening event.
Mr. Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, points out “Ski Resorts are quite ready for the beginning of the new ski season. At the Kopaonik ski resort, the artificial snowing systems have been started. For this season Kopaonik is richer for another night ski run. Lighting has been installed on Karaman Range and the working hours of the night run is from 7.00 p. m. to 10.00 p. m. This year, there is an extremely high interest of skiers and this is shown also by the 30% increase of ski pass pre-sale, compared with the last year“.
The Ski Resorts of Serbia organize also many promotional activities, including Top Ski Weekends, as well. Within them, the skiers and boarders may use 20% discount to three and four days individual ski passes.
25. – 28. januar
22. -  25. februar
15. – 18. mart
5. –   8. april

+381 11 3117901 

ISTN provides attached the price list of the Ski Resorts of Serbia for the winter season 2017/2018.




Organized by the Contemporary Hotel Management & Tourism Magazine "Tourism World", a member of ALCO Group, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, the most prominent personalities and organizations within hotel management were awarded the Good Service Ambassador awards, at the Gala Dinner of Hotel Managers (Belgrade, December 15, 2017, Crowne Plaza Hotel). As declared by Ms. Ljiljana Rebronja, CEO and Editor of the Tourism World magazine, „This award, established with the idea to encourage the others by good practice examples to the growth and positive changes, has been awarded for more than ten years to the most successful ones in the hotel industry and the related economy for a step forward in gaining and defense of the product and service quality, their advancement, innovativeness, new standards and more profitable conceptions setting, as well as for outstanding business results in the current year“. 


At this very well created event in the opinion of the Internet Serbia Travel News team, the Good Service Ambassador awards for 2017 were awarded in 14 categories. The Professional Jury, presided by Professor Dr. Slobodan Unković, Emeritus, made such selection that this trade get together gets sense with the end goal of motivating to good ones to be better and the remaining ones to follow the examples of the best ones. The essence of this, as well as the support to quality, without which Serbian tourism would not make such good results this year, was clearly expressed also in the introduction speeches of Doc. Dr. Miroslav Knežević, State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and Ivan Đoković, Vice President of the Government of Vojvodina, who congratulated the winners, not so much for the awards, but for the accomplished results that brought them.
By the introduction of the new exclusive award Guest Star, the event was for the first time oriented also to the region and this time the Partner Country was Montenegro. It was voted for the best Montenegrin hotel and it was chosen by the publics, voting for one of the five hotels proposed by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro. The Guest Star 2017 award, as selected by the guests, was awarded to the Splendid Hotel in Bečići.

ISTN provides attached the list of the GOOD SERVICE AMBASSADOR 2017 award winners


Tourism World Ltd.

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Special Hospital Čigota from Zlatibor, for the thyroid gland and obesity treatment, branded its services within medicine and medical tourism by the decision of the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia and thus became the first brand in Serbia and the only one in Europe, which protected its services under the geographic origin. The Čigota brand includes: Thyroid Gland Disease Treatment and Rehabilitation, Body Weight Reduction and the Change of the Adults’ Living Quality Program, as well as the Children’s and Adolescent Obesity Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation. At the new brand presentation, Dr. Željko Stakić, CEO of the Special Hospital Čigota, points out nobody branded such positioned medical / tourism services so far and reminds “In 1964, a group of the leading endocrinologists and climatologists found our based upon the air analyses the good influence of Zlatibor climatic conditions to the faster thyroid gland disorder treatment. This resulted in the construction of the hyperthyroidism treatment sanatorium, which in time developed to a contemporary medical center, a unique institution within both medicine and tourism in Serbia and the neighboring countries”. 
Since Special Hospital Čigota, the reference institution for thyroid gland and metabolism disease diagnostics and treatment, has got the increasing number of the local, but also international guests, construction of a modern Wellness Center is planned, as well as the adapting of the existing accommodation capacities and construction of the new ones. 



Special Hospital Čigota

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Junaković Spa ends the year 2017 both by the program called Unforgettable New Year’s Eve 2018 and the new Spa & Wellness Center having Finnish sauna, Body Thermal Cabin, Jacuzzi, Tepidarium and Experience Showers. This spa enters the new business 2018 year with the execution of many plans. Special program has been created, called SPECIAL OFFERS - SENIOR 55+, lasting until April 30, 2018 and related to all persons at the age of 55 or more. The offer includes weekend staying, the staying based upon healthy days and full board, with the possibility of payment in installments. The offer also includes the program SPEND WINTER IN JUNAKOVIĆ SPA, with facilitations for the staying of 30 or more days. SPECIAL OFFER FOR RETIRED PERSONS has been created, as well and there is currently 10% DISCOUNT for anyone fully paying in advance their package 10 days before arrival. The discount is related to individual direct bookings and lasts until May 1, 2018.
As declared by Junaković Spa Management, „Our programs are full of diverse services. The guests have got at their disposal swimming pools with thermal mineral water, various Wellness and Spa programs, practices in the swimming pool, Wellness treatments, the underwater and hand massage (relax, anti-cellulite, honey and chocolate, feet reflex massage, Scrub Marine Spa Treatment, Holistic and Ayurveda massage, Argan Therapy and lymph drainage), algae body treatment, 'Gypsum Bermuda Shorts’, the Morocco Wellness program, as well as the use of the eight lane bowling unit ‘Junaković Spa’. 

ISTN provides attached the current packages and programs of Junaković Spa  

The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin
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+381 25 772311



Medical tourism offer of Belgrade has been enhanced by the winning combination of medicine and prevention. BelMedic, the first private general hospital in Serbia, providing various medical services – examinations, state of the art diagnostics, surgical treatment (operations), inpatient treatment and postoperative hospitalizing in luxurious apartments, home visits, ambulance transportation of patients and other services, spread at five locations in Belgrade connected by the general Call Center and the integral computer network, launched along with Saruna, Fitness and Wellness Center from Belgrade, the project Health is Power. BelMedic, the leader in the private health care in this part of the Balkans for 22 years, with more than 600 direct associates, experts in various medical fields, and Saruna, present at the market of Wellness and Fitness industry for 15 years, with trainers, therapists and nutritionists, offered to the market the interaction of health and prevention. At this cooperation presentation in Belgrade (December 1, 2017, Crowne Plaza Hotel), Dr. Ivana Petrović, Medical Director of BelMedic, highlights „This mutual project enables our patients and users to check their health condition before they start practicing as planned and dosed and recreating. To know their start, in order to define their finish”.

The project Health is Power includes the programs: Hedonist Wellness, Active Business and Gold Package, Health Program Basic and Program Plus, Corrective Therapeutic Programs, Beauty Program, BelMedic Medical Checkup and other possibilities.




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Until the end of January 2018, in Belgrade, having the increased number of tourists for 20% this year, there are many events on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays. Under the title Belgrade Winter, the inhabitants and guests of Belgrade from the whole Serbia, Region and Europe have got at their disposal different features and programs. Thus, Lonely Planet portal once suggested in its section for travel recommendations Belgrade as the destination that should be visited in January.
The Open Heart Square has been organized at the Republic Square (until January 15, 2018) with wooden cottages for the sales of the traditional New Year’s products, outdoor skating completes the holiday atmosphere at Nikola Pašić Square (until January 31, 2018), while the Winter Festival with skating is held at Tašmajdan (until January 31, 2018). The promotion of the new city Plato Shopping Mall Rajićeva, with many cultural programs is in progress (until January 8, 2018). The New Year’s Eve concerts on December 30 and 31, 2017, in front of the National Parliament, make Belgrade an inevitable place of good entertainment. The Open Heart Street is an event exceeding the territory of Belgrade that became a recognizable brand promoting the family and hospitable spirit of the city. Every year on January 1, the space of Svetogorska and Makedonska Streets is marked by the carnival atmosphere, with many street entertainers, music, clowns, jongleurs, programs for children, Santa Claus. This year’s holiday atmosphere is completed by the Christmas Little Village near the Church (January 4 – 28, 2018) with the art programs filling thematically each calendar day especially devoted to the holidays, such as The Day Before Christmas, Christmas and Holy Days. The Orthodox Christmas celebration is traditionally held on January 7 by the Liturgy in the St. Sava Church at Vračar and the Christmas Cake breaking at the Republic Square. The Orthodox New Year’s Eve, on January 13, is celebrated on the city streets, in restaurants and clubs, but first of all in Bohemian Skadarlija with the traditional cuisine, live music and the atmosphere to remember.

ISTN provides attached the New Year’s program of the Belgrade Winter event.

The City of Belgrade
Secretariat for Economy




Tourism Organization of Belgrade



Tourism Resort Zlatibor, having at the end of the year 2017 the total increase of the tourists number for 5% (the international tourists for 7%), enters the New 2018 Year by many events and activities. The New Year’s Eve at the King’s Square and in all hotels, the excursions to the nearby localities, such as The Old Village  Sirogojno and Stopića Cave, Dino Park adapted to the winter tourism, a skate rink, sleigh and ski runs, Adventure Park with the children’s ski run, are a form part of this mountain’s offer, that hosted more than 30,000 tourists in 2017. At the winter season presentation, Mr. Arsen Đurić, Deputy President of Čajetina Municipality, announces continued construction of the gondola, which should connect Zlatibor Center with Tornik until the end of 2018 (the exit station has been constructed so far), the Cultural Center construction is being finished, the multifunctional facility with the theater and cinema halls, paintings exhibitions, with the library and other purpose space. As he declared, Čajetina Municipality also signed the contract of buying the sport hall on Zlatibor, with the area of 9,200 sq. m., with a hotel complex and other related features. Ms. Vesna Vlatković, PR Manager of A Hotels Group, announces the new five star Tornik Hotel will be opened by the end of 2018 on Zlatibor, as well.  
Organized by Ski Resorts of Serbia, the tourists on Zlatibor may enjoy, beside trekking, also skiing and the adrenaline features Tornik Ski Resort has got: Panoramic drive by the six seated chairlift, bobsleigh on rails and tubing lane. Four runs, Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac, are covered by the artificial snowing system. Thus, this ski resort does not depend upon climatic conditions anymore.

Tourist organization of Zlatibor

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