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The island Rhodes always had a very important geographic position, since it is on the crossroads of the sea routes from the West to the East, from the North to the South, from Peloponnese and Sicily to Syria, from the coasts of the Ionic and Black Sea to the Nile Delta. It is believed that, about 1550 B.C. , the Celtic salesmen were the first ones who founded their settlements on the coast of the Rhodes. This island always resisted various pressures, although with a different success, following the policy of the safety and trade flourishing by choosing the winner side.

According to a legend, the God of Sun Helios was born on the Rhodes. Thus, the island is called "The Sun Island". Its another name is "The Rose Island" (rhodon in Greek means rose) by the hibiscus similar to the rose, flourishing all the way around there. The Rhodes is the fourth large island in Greece. All forces having ruled it left their trace there. The Knight Castle, in the town Rhodes itself, is an impressive facility with pure rectangular lines. It raises above the Emporio harbor, from which one sails into the old town, definitely one of the most attractive ones in this part of the world, through one of many gates, just like in a film spectacle. This fortress was used in more than 100 films with the Medieval action. The first part of the town, the Greek one, has got a cosmopolitan character and the second one, with its narrow streets, passes covered by arcades, houses supported by arches, due to frequent earthquakes, old mosques and garden squares, is Turkish. The third one is a product of the Crusader Knights, by which the Rhodes is unique among the Greek islands. The famous Knight Street, 200 meters long and 6m wide, is located on the place of the former ancient road and it was constructed in the 15th century. It takes to the Great Master Palace and the St. John Church, the protector of the knight breed. On the both sides of the street, there are large stone palaces of the knights with the coats of arms of Provence, Italy, Arragon, Castillo, England and France.

Iako je u Tunisu zvaničan jezik arapski, svi govore francuski a u turističkim mestima
solidno se služe i engleskim jer je turizam jedna od najznačajnijih privrednih grana.
Do Tunisa se najlakše stiže avionom. Aerodrom Kartagina udaljen je 8 km od glavnog grada Tunisa –Tunisa i put do njega je pun intenzivnih boja, od azurnog neba, preko mora u svim mogućim tonovima plave, do belih fasada seoceta Sidu Bu Saida i neverovatnih boja cveća i rastinja.Sve je u Tunisu u znaku turizma.Nabel je poznat po grnčariji i najlepšim plažama, a Sus, stari feničanski grad Hadrumet, ima Medinu sa ulicama punim šarenila tradicionalnih nošnji, blještvih izloga zlata, mirisa parfema, kože i orijentalnih začina. Port el Kantui, sa marinom u kojoj se ljuljuškaju jahte milionera, prava flota malih čamaca, katamarani, gusarski brofovi zan iznajmljivanje i mini podmornice, najluksuznije je letovalište Tunisa. Monastir sa velelepnim mauzolejom Habiba Burgibe i Mahdia, nekadašnja prestonica Fatmida, biseri su ntuniskog turizma.Hamamet, bivše ribarsko mesto, u kome su boravili i Vinston Čerčil, Antoni Idn, Andre Židi i drugi, danas ima novi deo, najmoderniji u Tunisu, gra?en po uzoru na Azurnu obalu.
Sam grad Tunis najviše je uskladio staro i novo. Do srca grada, Medine i stare zgrade engelske ambasade danas poznatoj po tome što je u njoj sniman čuveni film „Engleski pacijent“ stiže se duž avenije sa modernim tržnim centrima i hotelima od kojih najveći pripada lancu „El Muradi“.
Tunis je bezbedna zemlja u kojoj se boravi u odličnim hotelima, kupa u toplom moru, jede zanimljiva hrana sa dosta začina, piju sjajna vina, pravljena po francuskoj recepturi, kupuju raznorazne drangulije i dobre kožne tašne i jakne, noću zabavlja u restoranima sa trbušnim plesom. Istorija oličena u Kartagini, osećaj avanture za vreme boravka u Sahari i preplitanje tradicije orijenta sa ostatkom sveta, sastavni su deo Tunisa koji treba doživeti. Makar jedamput.

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The staying on the Rhodes understands, in addition to the bathing and sunbathing, also many excursions, for instance to Lindos, a rock on the east side of the island, under which there is a snow white town. The painted Medieval houses are a mixture of the Byzantine, Turkish and West European styles, brought by the Crusaders. The streets are steep, narrow and paved by a black and white mosaic of the sea gravel. The Temple on the top of the rock, at the height of 116 meters above the sea level, may be reached either walking or in an organized way, from the donkey parking lot. The Goddess to whom the Temple was dedicated had a great reputation, which was confirmed also by presents of Alexander the Great, Ptolomeus, up to the King Minos, Heracles, Helen of Troy.
There are few islands flushed by two seas. Thus, a form part of the pleasure is also sailing both around the Rhodes itself and to the nearby Simy, a picturesque island 6 kilometers far from the Turkish coast. All houses on the island were constructed in the same style, in the shades of yellow, rose, blue and brown colors. Neither a smaller space, nor with more churches and temples. There are more than twenty of them. Thus, you have got the impression of being in an Orthodox center in the middle of the sea.
Everything can be found on the Rhodes except the Collosus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, who ended up in - a furnace. This famous bronze statue with a torch in a hand, 32 meters high, was made by the Rhodes sculptor Hares from Lindos, after 12 years of work, by the order of his fellow citizens. The great earthquake, which destroyed the Rhodes in 225 B.C., destroyed the Collosus, as well. The island inhabitants wanted to reconstruct it, but the jealous citizens of Athens said NO through the Delphic Oracle. Parts of the giant statue lied destroyed for centuries till a Syrian took them on the backs of 900 camels and melted them in a high furnace into – arms. The foundations are still there, on which two enormous feet used to stand, but at present there are two thin statues of a roe deer and a roebuck there. Just like that, as the tourists may like.