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Sombor, a town of extensive culture, greenery, Baroque facades, artists and famous tamburitza players, is situated in the northwest of Bačka plains, 180 km away from Belgrade. It was mentioned for the first time in 1360 as the settlement Cobor-Szent Mihály. It develops fast within the noblemen's property of the Hungarian family Cobor and it was notified under that name. A turning point in the rich history of Sombor is getting the status of a ‘free town belonging to the Empire' from the Austrian Empress Marie Therese, in 1749 and becoming the center of the tribal state of Bacz and Bodrog (in 1786). At that time Sombor started growing as a noble town, with unique urban and architectural characteristics. In the town center, called 'The Wreath', a protected cultural environment, the Orthodox St George's Church, the Catholic Holy Trinity Church, The Church of Saint John the Baptist, the Church of Saint Ivan Nepomuk, the Town Hall and the Palace of Grašalković and Krušper were constructed respectively. Schools were opened, the First Aid Service was established and the first pharmacy opened in the town, the monument to The Holy Trinity was constructed, the Mrazović Norma was established. In 1867, Sombor became connected with the world by railway. In 1789, Sombor got the first Post Office and its final look of a town was founded in 1882.

The Sights of Sombor

The architecture of public buildings and private houses of rich owners, who followed the style trends, contribute to beauty of the town, which saved up to date the charm of the past. In addition to the great architectural units, Sombor sights are also the Milan Konjović Gallery, the Town Hall and Museum, the District Seat (having "as many rooms as there are days in a year" and the largest painting in Serbia - 28 sq. m., an oil on canvas, a work of Ferenc Eisenhut), the National Theater, the Kronić Palace and Plebania, having on its southern side a sundial from 1852 with the famous message:
"One of these is your last one". In the Catholic Church, one can see an organ, the second large in Europe.

Sombor is a town of greenery and fiacres (already in 1885, it had a Regulation on the Fiacre Service). In 1903, the first bodas, brought from the Mississippi Valley, were planted and, at present, there are more than 18,000 of them. Sombor is also the town of cookie maker's cookies and it is famous also by the cheese in small wooden barrels, produced by a know-how kept as a secret. Nowadays, the Sombor cheese is the only one recognized by the World Dairy Organization as an original cheese from the region of former Yugoslavia.
  The Tourist Attractions
The surroundings of Sombor are full of tourist attractions. Bird watching, safari, fishing and hunting are an extremely important segment of the tourist offer within the Forest Management Company Sombor. The Hunting Ground Kozara is rich with high quality game. Tourists may visit also the Čonoplja Lake, 'Gornje Podunavlje' Special Nature Reservation, Baračka Ecology Classroom, Ship Lock on the Danube near Bezdan, The Tobacco Museum in Telečka, The Monoštor Marsh, Dida Honjak Salash, Collection of High Dolls in Šokac Home Made Peasant Costumes, Miki Zoo and the Silk Damast Weaving Factory 'Novitet-Bezdan'. 16 km away from Sombor are Apatin and Junaković Spa.