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Sokobanja, the first environment friendly Municipality in Serbia, a resort for holiday and enjoying, is called by many people the largest oxygen oasis in Europe. It is situated at the height of 400 m above sea level, in the southeast part of the country, between the mountains Ozren (1,117 m) and Rtanj (1,560 m), on the banks of the Moravica river. It is 240 km far from Belgrade and 60 km from Niš. It is surrounded by plentiful greenery and excursion locations.
Sokobanja, one of the resorts with the longest tourism tradition in Serbia (the first tourist came for recovery on June 8, 1837), is equally visited by those who would like to have e rest and those who would like to recover. The radioactive gas radon, sprayed in the air here, creating an ideal relation between the positive and negative ions, cures bronchitis, asthma, neuroses, high blood pressure, rheumatism, anemia, exhaustion and it has beneficial impact to the complete body revitalizing. Thus, there is no wonder that Sokobanja, which, unfortunately, does not have the glory of Marianske Lazne or Baden Baden, was called by the great Serbian scientist Jovan Cvijić "Serbian Switzerland".

As a natural resort, Sokobanja is famous even from the Roman era and the first written data about it are dated in 1672. The foundations of the medical tourism of Sokobanja, were set by Prince Miloš Obrenović, curing his gout in the old Turkish bathroom. The job of its arrangement and construction was continued by his son Mihailo and already at the end of the 19th century, Sokobanja becomes a modern, balneological resort, described also by the Austrian travel reporter  Felix Kanitz.

Sokobanja is also the center of various events. The accordion players compete in July and on Saint John's Eve, medicinal herbs picking is organized, having, as it is stated here, magic characteristics, owing to the mystic characteristics of Ozren and Rtanj. The rural tourism is developed, as well. In the villages Resnik, Trubarevac, Žučkovac, Jošanica and others the old accommodation facilities were adapted and the new ones were constructed, enabling the tourists to have full comfort. Aqua Park Podina, constructed within the sport / recreation complex under the same name, increased the tourism visit to Sokobanja.
The tourists coming to Sokobanja at present, have got as the accommodation facility the hotels Moravica, Zdravljak and Tourist, the hostel Sunce, bed & breakfast hotel Soko Terme, as well as many private accommodation facilities.


Sokobanja is also a comprehensive medical tourism resort of Serbia. Special Hospital Banjica, located at the spacious plain above the town, receiving 560 guests, is equipped by laboratories, studies, hydrotherapy bathrooms with thermal and hypothermal water, natural inhalation units, swimming pool, fitness gyms and sport halls. Special Wellness programs have been created in it for the people who would like to remove the consequences of tiredness and stress, as well as sportsmen.  Particularly interesting is the SOKO-Life Program for the body weight regulation. And all this under the motto of the famous Serbian writer Branislav Nušić, a regular visitor to Sokobanja "Sokobanja - Sokograd, you come old and - go young".




Organization for Tourism and Culture of Sokobanja

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The greatest attractions of Sokobanja are the medieval fortress Soko-grad, picnic sites Banjica and Lepterija (it got its name by the beautiful daughter of the Soko-grad master), the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the 7th Century, Haiduk Veljko's Cave, the Ethnic Park Kalinovica, the picturesque gorge of the river Moravica, Ripaljka Waterfall, Bovansko Lake and other attractions







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