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Belgrade is the most attractive tourist product of Serbia as shown by the City Break stock exchanges, as well as the Tourism Fairs in London, Madrid, Berlin, Thessaloniki, Moscow and other worldwide capitals. The interests of the travel agencies' representatives, journalists and general visitors are great and diverse. With a reason.

  Belgrade is a history city
Since the legend saying 'the white town above the Danube', the Belgrade Fortress, was first seen by Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, sailing on the Istar (Danube), looking for the Golden Fleece, through the Celtic settlement called Singidunum, then the Roman fortress, the Serbian medieval capital of the Despot Stefan Lazarević, a Turkish fortress, the repeated return to the Serbs, in 1867, up to date, Belgrade was burnt about fifty times, destroyed, conquered and symbolically called The House of Wars, The Gate of Freedom, the Thinking Hill.

Belgrade is a city of beautiful buildings   
The Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, the Belgrade City Hall - the Old Royal Court, the Royal Complex at Dedinje, the National Bank of Serbia.

  Belgrade is the city of ambient entireties and famous facilities

The Belgrade Fortress with the Kalemegdan Park, medieval towers, gates, churches, bell towers, the Roman Well and the Zoological Garden, the Bohemian block Skadarlija, the old center of Zemun, the Botanical Garden, the excursion places Topčider and Košutnjak.


  Belgrade is a city of many cultural institutions
Museums (in the National Museum, the oldest museum institution in Serbia, there are more than 400,000 items, among which also the original ones from Lepenski Vir, Starčevo and Vinča, Viminatium and Romuliana, Miroslav's Gospel, the greatest names of the local painting art, as well as the worldwide artists, such as Durer, Rembrandt, Picasso, Métis and others), theaters, galleries and the Philharmonics.

  Belgrade is an event city
(BITEF, BEMUS, the Ship Carnival and others), sport halls, recreation and entertainment places (on the Sava, which enters the Danube near the Belgrade's War Island, in addition to the Ada Ciganlija, there are thousands of floating cottages. In this sense, this center of the entertainment and night life of Belgrade reminds of Hong Kong), restaurants and hotels.



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Airport "Nikola Tesla",
209-7828 (08.00-20.00)
Terazije, the undergound passenger passage next to the Albania Palace
2635-622 (09.00-20.00, sat. 09.00-17.00, sundey closed)
- The Main Railway Station, 361-2732
(09.00-20.00, sat. 09.00-17.00, sun. 10.00-16.00)
- The Sava Harbour, Karađorđeva
(march-november, 08.00-19.00)
Knez Mihailova 6, 3281 859
(09.00-21.00, sundey closed)

The Zemun Travel Center, Zmaj Jovina 14,
+381 11 219 20 94
The Tourist Guide Association, Dečanska 8,
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