The most prestigious award of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia - Tourist Flower, which understands, in addition to the diploma and statue, also the visits to the worldwide Tourism Fairs, will be awarded on September 27, 2014, on the World Tourism Day ... >>>

After a long time, regular tourist cruising on the Danube from Belgrade to Đerdap has been organized again, at the disposal of the interested tourists and travel organizers ... >>>

After the application produced for Android platform of mobile phones, the Ski Resorts of Serbia offered also the iPhone application "Ski Serbia Summer" ... >>>

Republic of Srpska promoted in Belgrade its tourism offer and announced the second tourism / sport event - Rafting Regatta  Banjaluka - Belgrade (September 11 - 28, 2014) ... >>>

The slogan "By your arrival at Kanjiža Spa you devote yourself to you and your health" is intended for families and individuals, businessmen, sport teams, organized groups, retired persons and Trade Unions ... >>>

The National Park Đerdap is completing the activities related to the UNDP/GEF project "Support to the Sustainable Financing of the Protected Areas System in Serbia" ... >>>

Under the motto "Discover the Sunny Side of Fruška Gora" , Irig Municipality featured its tourism offer - Fruška Gora Monasteries, National Park, Vrdnik Spa, wineries and gastronomy ... >>>

The 3rd Balkan Culinary Cup is held on October 16 - 19, 2014, in Belgrade, as well as the 2nd Big Master and the 2nd Balkan Chilli Festival ... >>>

The workshop season begins - Austria and Slovenia feature in Serbia ...>>>

The winner of the European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN selection in Serbia is Knjaževac Municipality ... >>>

Special Hospital Merkur in Vrnjačka Spa opened a unique Center of Medical Esthetics (CME) ... >>>

In the forthcoming summer/autumn period, the tourists on Zlatibor have got at their disposal many accommodation facilities, from all class hotels to the camping lot at the Tić Field locality, as well as the new opened attraction - bobsleigh on rails ... >>>

A contribution to the tourism by the sixth International Festival of Tourist and Ecology Films SILAFEST 2014 (Veliko Gradište, Silver Lake, August 31 - September 6, 2014) ... >>>

In addition to various other programs, in Junaković Spa they especially recommend three day packages 'Antistress' and 'Lady Fit' ... >>>

The book SERBIAN CITIES of the journalist and photographer Dragan Bosnić,was published early August, a new, original edition from the photomonograph one Discovery of Serbia ... >>>

The fifth LATINO MARATHON was held organized by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade and Belgrade Dance Schools under the slogan 'Everyone to Dance, Everone to the Ada'... >>>

In the forthcoming period, events, the tourism brand of Serbia, are related to the fruit picking days and gastronomy, as well as motifs from culture and tradition ... >>>

The 4th Balkan Spa Summit, which will include individuals, Associations and companies within the spa industry from the whole region, is held on October 9 - 12, 2014, in Tuheljske Toplice ... >>>


Touristic center Zlatibor ...


The 3rd Balkan Spa Summit (September 5 -8, 2013, Aranđelovac, Bukovička Spa, Izvor Hotel) ...


Serbian rural or agricultural tourism supports the adventure spirit ...


Karakuša Hunting Ground, managed by the Public Company Vojvodinašume, is picturesque, the hunting lodge is comfortable and the gastronomic specialties are the fist class ones ...


The sailing and environment tourism are developing on the river Sava increasingly ...


Belgrade Tourism ...


The glory of Sremski Karlovci, one of the best viisited tourist destinations of Serbia, is transfered, in addition to history and culture, also by good wines ...

Cyprus - The Unity of diversity ... 


Risovača Cave - the Undergound Paleolythic Museum ...


Aranđelovac - Curing water, history and marble ...

A new offer of the Danube cruising from Belgrade to Đerdap is at the disposal of the interested tourists and tour operators ...



The 47th International TOURISM Fair at Novi Sad (April 10 - 14, 2014) ...




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