Under the slogan My Serbia - Winter Adventure, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia started its campaign of Serbian winter offer promotion on the mountains Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara Planina, Mokra Gora, Zlatar and Divčibare... >>>

A delegation of the Greek city Thessaloniki visited Belgrade and featured this city as a tourist, trade, economic, convention , but also gastronomic destination ... >>>

The Zlatibor tourism offer featured at Russian market... >>>

The Tourist Prism review organized the Winter & Spa Travel Market (WSTM) and awarded prizes within the action For the New Tourism Quality... >>>

Under the title "An Unforgettable New Year's Eve 2015", Junaković Spa - Apatin organizes a program including a fully planned and complete staying of one, two or three days ... >>>

The outstanding project fulfillment "Support to Creation and Promotion of the Environment and Sustainable Tourism Development Ways in the NP Đerdap" is getting closer to the end        ... >>>

The National Tourism Organization of Serbia and the Byzantine Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts announced the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies would be held in Belgrade (August 22 - 27, 2016)... >>>

Air Serbia, the national Airline of the Republic of Serbia, launched a new advertising campaign  under the slogan Air Serbia. The New Wings of Europe... >>>

Special Hospital Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa, initiated the healthy living and esthetics ehnacement promotion project under the title THE MONTH OF ESTHETICS ... >>>

Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, this year's winner of the Tourist Flower prize, started its preparations for the ski season 2014/2015... >>>

Serbian Spas Association and Special Hospital Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa attended the 4th Balkan Spa Summit held in Tuheljske Toplice in Croatia (October 9 - 12, 2014) ... >>>

Kanjiža Spa supplemented its medical / tourism packages also by the New Year's Package ... >>>

The 3rd International Dinaric Arc Parks Conference was held at the Brioni National Park (Croatia) ... >>>

The 12th International Meetings of Tourism Associations - ISTA, organized by the National Albanian Tourism Association - ATA, are held on November 13 - 16, 2014 in Durrës ... >>>

The promotional film of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia Serbia - One Travel, Countless Experiences won the GOLDEN MAPLE award for the best promotional film of the Jahorina Film Festival ... >>>


Touristic center Zlatibor ...


The 3rd Balkan Spa Summit (September 5 -8, 2013, Aranđelovac, Bukovička Spa, Izvor Hotel) ...


Serbian rural or agricultural tourism supports the adventure spirit ...


Karakuša Hunting Ground, managed by the Public Company Vojvodinašume, is picturesque, the hunting lodge is comfortable and the gastronomic specialties are the fist class ones ...


The sailing and environment tourism are developing on the river Sava increasingly ...


Belgrade Tourism ...


The sixth Festival of the Slovak Traditional Cuisine, Old Crafts and Folklore - "Dolnozemsky Jarmok" ...


THESSALONIKI - exciting, unusual, ambitious ... 


Risovača Cave - the Undergound Paleolythic Museum ...


Knjaževac Municipality is the winner of the national competition for European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN ...

A new offer of the Danube cruising from Belgrade to Đerdap is at the disposal of the interested tourists and tour operators ...



The Tourist Flower 2014 prizes and the European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN in Serbia ...




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