The promotional campaign My Serbia, a part of the campaign under the same name of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), intended for the local market, in order to present the country's tourism offer in the summer period, has been continued this year ... >>>

Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, one of the essentials of Serbian tourism development, celebrated an important anniversary - a decade of operation ... >>>

In Lipolist, the most aromatic Serbian village, near Šabac, the event - Flower Festival ROSES OF LIPOLIST was presented, as well as the tourism opportunities of the destination ... >>>

On Kopaonik, one of the most visited Serbian mountain resorts, Ski Resorts of Serbia provide 20% discount on the TOP SUMMER WEEKEND days and MK Mountain Resort provides the additional 50% discount for the second person till the end of June   ... >>>

Special Hospital Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa, which starts operating also through Telemarketing, gaining the global market, expects the first guests from Sweden already in August this year ... >>>

In Junaković Spa, which started its full tourism season by opening of the outdoor swimming pools with thermal water and the Olympic swimming, there is currently the action ACCOMPLISH 10% DISCOUNT ... >>>

Under the title TOWARD THE SUMMER and with the leitmotiv "Health is Happiness!", the Second Wellness & Spa Fest was held in Belgrade   ... >>>

Belgrade promotion in Timisoara, Vienna, Zagreb, Sofia, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Podgorica, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Athens, Tirana, Istanbul, Budapest and Prague  ... >>>

The National Tourism Organization of Serbia opened the competition for the Tourist Flower Award  ... >>>

The exhibition "THE PAVLE BELJANSKI MEMORIAL COLLECTION: GEMS OF MODERN ART" in Zagreb, and at the same time the exhibition "MIROSLAV KRALJEVIĆ AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES" in Novi Sad  were pronounced for the PROJECT OF THE YEAR ... >>>

Tourism opportunities of Kovačica were featured through the Round Table Conference with the topic "Nonfinancial Cultural Heritage Supporting the Sustainable Development of the Local Community on the Example of the Slovak Naive Painting in Serbia" and the promotional film "A Unique Country next to us" ... >>>

Kanjiža Spa is the host to many individuals and groups visiting Kanjiža to attend the unique natural phenomenon The Tisa River Flourishing ... >>>

Under the slogan "Wait for the Summer Ready" and keeping pace with Serbian medical tourism development, DIVA, the dermatological institution with the longest tradition in the Balkans, performs many programs in its new LASER CENTER ... >>>

7th REGIONAL FORUM OF WELLNESS AND SPA INDUSTRY (May 24,2016,) had the objective of the support to the sustainable development of the small and medium sized enterprises and clusters within the Wellness and Spa industry ... >>>



Kopaonik - Fun is at the top ...


VRNJAČKA SPA - Oasis of health and beauty ...


Lipolist, a village on Cer slopes, is the host of the Flower Festival ROSES OF LIPOLIST ...


The Hunting/Fishing tourism of the Special Nature Reserve CARSKA BARA, SENT ANDREJA and the LAKE JOCA, as well as three hunting grounds near Ečka, Srpski Itebej and Melenci ...


A new offer of the Danube cruising from Belgrade to Đerdap is at the disposal of the interested tourists and tour operators ...


The cultural/tourism event European Heritage Days 2015 takes place in Belgrade under the title THE OLD AND TRADITIONAL CRAFTS - PRESERVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY ...


Pirot, the EDEN 2015 award winner, is the gastronomic jewel of Serbia and a very interesting tourism destination ...


Parenzana Train - Travel through the Central Istria where all senses enjoy it ... 


The Wooden Snowstorm Town ...


Knjaževac Municipality is the winner of the national competition for European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN ...


Regional Development Agency Zlatibor from Užice ...

Bernarda company


7th Tourism Forum  (Prolom Banja, April 20 - 23, 2016) ...




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