The National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) promotes Serbian capacities for the Winter Season 2014/2015, where for the first time the private and public sectors feature the Serbian tourism offer by united forces... >>>

The Tourist Organization of Belgrade attended for the first time the tourism fair event  Greek Tourism Expo (December 5 - 12, 2014) at Athens Metropolitan Expo Center, in Athens ... >>>

Within the first Month of Esthetics, organized by the Special Hospital Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa, many celebrities tried the contemporary Merkur programs, socialized and had a rest in Vrnjačka Spa... >>>

For a better getting to know the National Park Đerdap, the application Educational Path Golden Lake has been operational since short time and it may be used by mobile phones ... >>>

Under the slogan "EVERYTHING is in - COMMUNICATION!", the 11th Hotel Managers and Hotel Households Forum was held and the prizes The Ambassadors of Good Service were awarded ... >>>

Kanjiža Spa offers its guests, in addition to the programs My Weekend, Ultra Last Minute, Shopping and Spa Weekend, also the Business Package, as well as the New Year's Eve 2015 at the Swimming Pool ... >>>

With the possibility of payment in three installments, Junaković Spa - Apatin offered to the individuals and organized groups the New Year's Eve 2015 program ... >>>

The skiing fans are expected this season on Kopaonik by many innovations, since this was the great investments year... >>>

Moscow Hotel (4*), the symbol of Belgrade, celebrated a sweet anniversary - 40 Years of 'Moscow Schnitt' Cake... >>>

Slovenian Business Club in Belgrade, founded with the objective of enhancement of the economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Slovenia, celebrated the successful end of the 2014 year ... >>>

Zlatibor got a new, recognizable souvenir - The Zlatibor Sweet Gift ... >>>

Bernarda company, one of the best known bed and mattress manufacturers, featured as innovation for the hotel industry the Termocare 3+ mattress ... >>>

The Tourism Organization of Budva featured in Belgrade the offer of this center of Montenegrin tourism for the New Year's fest ... >>>


Touristic center Zlatibor ...


The 3rd Balkan Spa Summit (September 5 -8, 2013, Aranđelovac, Bukovička Spa, Izvor Hotel) ...


Serbian rural or agricultural tourism supports the adventure spirit ...


Karakuša Hunting Ground, managed by the Public Company Vojvodinašume, is picturesque, the hunting lodge is comfortable and the gastronomic specialties are the fist class ones ...


A new offer of the Danube cruising from Belgrade to Đerdap is at the disposal of the interested tourists and tour operators ...


Belgrade Tourism ...


The sixth Festival of the Slovak Traditional Cuisine, Old Crafts and Folklore - "Dolnozemsky Jarmok" ...


THESSALONIKI - exciting, unusual, ambitious ... 


Risovača Cave - the Undergound Paleolythic Museum ...


Knjaževac Municipality is the winner of the national competition for European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN ...


The Tourist Flower 2014 prizes and the European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN in Serbia ...




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