Serbia is one of the four European countries having got a special edition of the Monopoly game at the whole country level ... >>>

The Conference on the Use of the Internet and New Technologies in Tourism, E-TOURISM 2015. is held on May 9, 2015 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade ... >>>

The 2nd EVENT, OLD CRAFT AND SOUVENIR FESTIVAL is held in Pearl Sailing Village - Boljevci (Surčin), on May 15 to 17, 2015 ... >>>

The offer of the CENTER OF MEDICAL ESTHETICS (CME) from Vrnjačka Spa  is richer for Zerona, the tool for body reshaping, slimming and the cellulite removal ... >>>

The 2nd KNIGHT FEST, organized by the Royal Knight Order was held at Belgrade Fortress ... >>>

Owing to the activities of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia and the good weather conditions, the Ski Center Kopaonik is open for all winter sport fans also during the 1st of May feast ... >>>

The summer tourism season in the Knjaževac Municipality and on the Stara Planina will be opened by the traditional event St. George's Day Meetings - The Ritual Prayer under Midžor ... >>>

The National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) account was officially verified by Twitter ... >>>

The new annual SERBIA magazine, in Russian language, is the specific guide through the Serbian tourism offer ... >>>

Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa is this year's Diploma Winner for the Socially Responsible Operation, awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and industry ... >>>

Junaković Spa features the 1st of May feast program and announces operation start of the outdoor swimming pools with geothermal water since the 1st of May 2015 ... >>>

The Royal Palace complex in Belgrade is open for publics every Saturday and Sunday, from April 2 to October 31, 2015, in two ordinary timings, at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm ... >>>

Within the Wine Days event, the third Wine Fest in Paraćin was held (March 27,2015) ... >>>

The Ahoy Association from Bački Petrovac organizes the cultural/educational program of informing about the Slovak tradition, both for the pupils' excursions - "The Village Playroom and individuals, individually organized groups and travel agencies ... >>>


Kopaonik - Fun is at the top ...


VRNJAČKA SPA - Oasis of health and beauty ...


Serbian rural or agricultural tourism supports the adventure spirit ...


Karakuša Hunting Ground, managed by the Public Company Vojvodinašume, is picturesque, the hunting lodge is comfortable and the gastronomic specialties are the fist class ones ...


A new offer of the Danube cruising from Belgrade to Đerdap is at the disposal of the interested tourists and tour operators ...


Moscow Hotel - A Symbol of Belgrade ...


The sixth Festival of the Slovak Traditional Cuisine, Old Crafts and Folklore - "Dolnozemsky Jarmok" ...


THESSALONIKI - exciting, unusual, ambitious ... 


Risovača Cave - the Undergound Paleolythic Museum ...


Knjaževac Municipality is the winner of the national competition for European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN ...


Bernarda company, one of the best known bed and mattress manufacturers, cooperates sucessfully with the largest hotel chains in Europe ...



Under the motto "Use the Moment", the 37th International Tourism Fair ITTFA 2015 was held in Belgrade ...




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