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The hunting and fishing areas of Serbia are rich and popular both among the local and international hunters and fishermen. In addition to many game types, the advantage of Serbian hunting grounds is also in the fact that the hunting grounds of the neighboring countries are already very much empty and the fishing areas of Serbia are pure and overfull of fish.
One of such areas is on the crossroads of the roads connecting Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, in the area between the Begej and the Tisa. This is the Fishpond Ečka having the grounds for sport fishing of carp, pike, perch, catfish and other popular fish species. The Fishpond Ečka manages Special Nature Reserve CARSKA BARA, the fishing empires SENT ANDREJA and JOCA (LAKE JOCA), THREE HUNTING GROUNDS, as well as the accommodation capacities of SIBILA HOTEL (2*).


Those who like to "hunt" by cameras, near the colonies Belo Blato, Perlez and Stajićevo, have got at their disposal the Special Nature Reserve CARSKA BARA (The Tzar's Marsh), one of the 10  "ideal places" of Serbia. This oasis of peace and untouched nature is one of the richest habitats of marsh birds and rare plant species.

A unique entirety is made by the river Stari Begej, the salt mine, deciduous and meadow forests, a characteristic steppe and about 250 bird species, among which also some extraordinary ornithological rarities (herons with all their subtypes and bitterns). Some of them are in the Red Book of the worldwide endangered species. Colonies of the cawing crows, having sometimes up to 2,000 active nests, are the largest ones in Serbia. Other endangered species make their nests there, as well, such as the great-nested grebe, cormorant, titmouse, kite, thrush and others.

In the Special Nature Reserve CARSKA BARA (The Tzar's Marsh) hunting is permanently forbidden, as well as staying in the nature from 10 p. m. to 5.00 a. m., as well as sports fishing (except in the Stari Begej section). The conditions for a return of rare species and thereby also a photo safari, are ideal there. Hence, each season, there is an increasing number of both birds and tourists.


The tourists with cameras have got at their disposal tourist ships for 50 persons, boats, ready for riding. Good trekkers choose a four kilometer long path of health. The Bird Watching program is one of the most organized ones in Serbia.

CARSKA BARA (The Tzar's Marsh)

+381 23 884025


The Fishpond Ečka created THREE DAYS, FIVE DAYS AND SEVEN DAYS PACKAGES for staying of fishermen and tourists, with the accommodation in the Sibila Hotel (2*), with fishing on the Lake Joca and the excursions to Carska Bara, Sent Andreja Lake, Kovačica, Idvor, Belo Blato village and Zrenjanin.

The Fishpond Ečka

+381 23 884 028

The fishing empire SENT ANDREJA (the lakes Sent Andreja 1 and Sent Andreja 2) is located quite close to Lukino Selo, 17 km from Zrenjanin, 58 km from Belgrade, 62 km from Novi Sad and 100 km from Timisoara. The lakes, created in 1991, were filled in by carp, catfish, pike and Babel fish.

Fishing them is based upon the principle "Catch & Release". The caught white fish Babel may be taken within the daily license and a carp up to 3 kg may be bough at the valid price list. The lakes are arranged with purpose, with numbered fishermen locations, benches and reed eaves. From March to October, in all week days, the lakes are open from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Contact phone: +381 62 325509

The LAKE JOCA with the area of about 700 hectares is located between the rivers Tisa and Begej, the densest water knot in Europe. It is the real nature jewel, the best natural environment for pike fishing in the region and a paradise for sport fishing, based upon the principle "Catch & Release". In addition to the capital pieces of pike, the lake is rich in extremely large samples of carp, amur and tolstolobik.
Contact phone: +381 23 884645, +381 63 325868, +381 63 326167


The hunting area includes three hunting grounds: just near Ečka, Srpski Itebej and Melenci. The most attractive hunting is on the large lakes in autumn and winter, to wild geese and mallards from the natural nest, as well as quails at agricultural and meadow areas. Wild boars are hunted at the grounds full of reed and forest. There are also does, foxes and other game.

Contact phone: +381 62 325167, +381 62 325187






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