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Since 2009, within the Fishpond Ečka, one of the largest fishponds in Europe, is the LAKE JOCA with the area of about 700 hectares. This lake, located between the rivers Tisa and Begej, the densest water knot in Europe, is about 50 km far from Belgrade and about 45 km from Novi Sad.

The Lake is connected by the newly constructed road  with Belo Blato, multinational village famous for reed processing. The LAKE JOCA is the real nature jewel, the best natural environment for pike fishing in the region and a paradise for sport fishing, based upon the principle "Catch & Release". In addition to the capital pieces of pike, the lake is rich in extremely large samples of carp, amur and tolstolobik. At this lake, at the depth of 1 to 5 meters, where license is necessary for fishing, the capital catfish of 25 kilograms was caught as recorded, as well as a pike of about 20 kg weight.

Quite close to the LAKE JOCA , also within the Fishpond Ečka, is the Special Nature Reserve Carska bara, worldwide famous ornithological station with more than 250 registered bird species.


The Fishpond Ečka created THREE DAYS, FIVE DAYS AND SEVEN DAYS PACKAGES for staying of fishermen and tourists at the LAKE JOCA, with the accommodation in the Sibila Hotel (2*), at the Fishpond Ečka and excursions to Carska Bara, Sent Andreja Lake, Kovačica, Idvor, Belo Blato village and Zrenjanin. For those who want it, the Fishpond Ečka organizes also transfer to the LAKE JOCA From Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade.

ISTN provides special TRAVEL PACKAGES of the Fishpond Ečka.


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