The Connecting Rivers

Tamiš is a plain river, having the total length of 359 km, of which 241 km of its flow is in Romania and 118 km in Serbia. It starts in the nothern part of the Romanian Carpathians, passes through the whole Banat and enters the Danube near Pančevo.
Sailing on the Tamiš, the 'Internet Serbia Travel News' Sails into the Kovačica Municipality In the southwest part of Banat, 13 km away from river Tamiš, 27 km away from Pančevo and 47 km away from Belgrade, there, where horses were shoed in the blacksmith's shop, 200 years ago, the settlement Kovačica was built, the widely famous naive arts center. The archeologists found out there was a settlement in these regions in the first century and in 1802, 141 families of Slovak Protestants by religion settled there.

The settlers from the first half of the 19th century brought their priest and teacher, mutually built the facility, which was divided into the praying house and the school, built their own houses and successfully organized their life in a new environment


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The places Uzdin and Padina are famous for numerous painters, revitalizing of the old houses and good cakes. In Debeljača there are the Ethnographic Museum, a swimming pool and the lakes, where the sport fishermen and recreative persons may perform commercial fishing. The Tamiš itself and its surrounding are the favorite excursion place of the Kovačica Municipality inhabitants.
Since the first spring days, up to the early autumn, the Tamiš banks are full of excursion people, campers and fishermen. The carp fishing season lasts from June 01 to March 30, the catfish one from June 16 to May 30 and the pike fishing season from April 01 to September 30.



The accommodation capacities are diverse. In the three star private houses, a night price varies from RSD.480 to 590, whereas in the newly opened business recreation center Relax, a night with breakfast costs RSD.2,600.

Kovačica Tourist organization

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The town Kovačica, a place of straight streets and facades with lively colors, is located at the junction of three borders between Pančevo, Zrenjanin and Vršac. Kovačica is dominated by the Naive Arts Gallery, founded in 1955 at the Culture House '3rd October' and the International Center of Naive Arts 'Babka'. Within the Gallery, various cultural events are organized from time to time, among which the greatest one is 'The Kovačica's October', a traditional review of the living events of the Slovaks in Vojvodina. The glory of the Kovačica's naive painters' school was spread worldwide by Martin Jonaš, Zuzana Halupova, Jan Knjazovic, Martin Paluška and others.

In addition to the painters, Kovačica is also famous for the violin manufacturer Jan Nemček. A visit to his workshop understands also informing of the hand making of the string instruments.

All places in the Kovačica Municipality are currently connected by a good asphalt road. Thus, the tourists visiting this region, reach one by one in about ten minutes. And there is something to see and visit.

In Idvor, there is a Monument House, a museum collection and the native home of the worldwide famous scientist Mihailo Pupin, who was born there. During his several decades long scientific research work, in addition to the other discoveries, he gave a huge contribution to the development of the modern telephone communications.