River cruising is one of the most demanded tourism products, not only in Europe, but all over the world. Serbia takes an important place on the Danube route from Germany to the Black Sea. By its length (2,850 km) and basin extension (120 tributaries), the Danube is one of major global rivers, the second large in Europe, after the Volga. In time, the Danube was an important water route, but also a border between nations. From its spring to the mouth, more than 80 million people at its banks in even ten European countries speak various languages, belong to various religions and foster their various historical heritages. The Danube, called by each nation different in its language, became the route spine, providing both the Europeans and the overseas tourists almost unlimited opportunities for sailing. 
At the 1433rd kilometer of its course, the Danube enters Serbia, flows through it for 588 km, it is navigable on its entire course and it is a natural connection to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The vicinity of the Tisa, Tamiš, Morava and the Drina, as well as many inland canals and lakes, river islands and branches makes the sailing a unique event. In Belgrade the Danube meets the beautiful  Sava. From there, on its way to the Black Sea, it passes through the amazing Đerdap Gorge, the destination of all tourists saying "The Danube beauty cannot be described, but can be - experienced".   
After a long time, Serbia got its regular tourism offer of cruising on the Danube again, which is at the disposal of the interested tourists and travel organizers. A three day excursion understands sailing by the ship Aquastar Maxim, the accommodation in the Aquastar Danube Hotel (4*) in Kladovo, visits to many localities and various excursions.                                                                  


The sailing Belgrade - Smederevo - Ram - Veliko Gradište - Golubac - Đerdapska Gorge  - Donji Milanovac - Tekija - Kladovo (240 km). The ship passes by the Smederevo Fortress, the river Morava mouth into the Danube, the Medieval Ram Fortress, Silver Lake and Veliko Gradište and Golubac Fortress.

It enters the area of the National Park Đerdap and sails through the longest and deepest European gorge, where the Danube is the most beautiful and where there are remnants of one of the oldest settlements in Europe. It passes Donji Milanovac, Trajan's Board and arrives at Kladovo.



From Kladovo excursions are made as selected: 
Excursion 1. Kladovo - Đerdap Museum (an archeological museum witnessing diverse cultures of prehistoric, Roman and Medieval periods at the Danube) - Trajan's Bridge (after its construction the bridge was considered for almost 1,000 years the largest one in the world) -  Diana (Roman fortress) - Hydro Power Station (constructed in 1974 as the largest project of that year in Europe) - Tekija.   
Excursion 2: Kladovo - Vratna (visit to three highest natural stone bridges in Europe, located above the river with the same name and  Vratna Monastery originating from the 14th century) - through  Negotin to the village Rajac and Rajačke Pimnice (the complex consists of more than 160 group facilities in the ground, used for wine manufacturing and storing)





From Kladovo a bus drives to Belgrade along the Danube:
Lepenski Vir (archeological finding, one of the oldest urban settlements in Europe and the world, the greatest accomplishment of the Middle Stone Age culture (in 6,500. B. C.) - Captain Miša's Hill (an ethnic complex from which there is the most beautiful view to the Danube and the neighboring area) - Golubac (the Golubac Fortress from the 14th century, destroyed and reconstructed as the border fortress between Serbia, Kingdom of Hungary and Turkey) -  Viminatium (an antique locality from the 1st century, which was during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian the center of the Roman Province Upper Moesia.

Near it, the mammoth remnants were found exposed in the underground 'Mammoth Park') - Smederevo Fortress (the largest preserved plain fortress in Europe. Its capture by the Ottoman Empire, in 1459, marked the end of the Serbian Medieval State) - Belgrade


The three day tourist tour Cruising on the Danube Through History, so far carried out by Kon Tiki  travel agency and in the following period also by other Serbian travel agencies,  started in July 2014 and will last by the second part of October. The plan is to start such program carrying out already on April 1 in 2015.

ISTN provides attached the program of the Danube sailing.


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