The Connecting Rivers

River cruising is one of the most demanded tourist products, not only in Europe, but also worldwide. Serbia takes an important place on the Danube route from Germany to the Black Sea. By its length (2,850 km) and the basin jaggedness (120 tributaries), the Danube is one of the larger worldwide rivers and the second one in Europe, after the Volga. The Danube connects more than 80 million people who speak different languages, belong to different religions and keep their historical heritage.
The Danube's length through Serbia is 588 kilometers, it is navigable on the entire flow and a natural connection to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The tourists cruising on the Danube enter Serbia near Bezdan, where all formalities are taken care of. From there, they usually go for a visit around Vojvodina and then, near Novi Sad and the Petrovaradin, sail further to Belgrade and the Kalemegdan. Then they sail to the Black Sea, by the archaeological finding Vinča, Smederevo, Golubac and Kladovo, through the Djerdap Gorge, which is certainly the most attractive part of the travel, under a sightseeing to the Neolithic settlement Lepenski Vir  (6000 years B. C.) and the Traian Board from the Roman era. The usual travel tour understands embankment in Vienna and sailing on the Danube to Giurgya, a harbor in Romania. Such a program is popularly called 'The Five Danube Metropoles - Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest  (which is not really on the Danube), it takes 11 days.



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It is shown how popular the sailing tourism became also by the Sailing Show which takes place at Belgrade Fair. This unavoidable exhibiting, business and media event for all local and foreign ship and sailing equipment designers and manufacturers, marinas, associations, sports clubs and publishers of sailing publications became the meeting point of all existing and prospect boat and yacht owners, cruising fans on the local and international rivers, as well as those who keep their private ships in the waters of the Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. All displayed exhibits at the Show are sold already within  its first two days.

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On this route, a well planned passing through Serbia expects the tourists. At the entry into the country, in Bezdan, there is usually lunch with fish soup. In Novi Sad, buses are waiting and taking to a Vojvodina tour, first of all to the Fruška Gora Monasteries. In Krušedol, the tourists are served wine and brandy which is a special attraction. In Belgrade, there is a two days staying, with visits to the excursion places, the locality Viminatium, sightseeing and shopping. Lunch is organized at the nearby private salashes (farms) and village households with the music of Tambouritsa players. Dinner is in Skadarlija or on a ship, with folklore programs and fashion shows. On the following day, there is sailing to Veliko Gradište, under the Kladovo caviar tasting.
There is also an increasing number of tourists who do not sail through Serbia in the organized way, by large ships, but by their own yachts. In this sense, one should not neglect the vicinity of the Tisa, the Morava and the Drina, either, as well as numerous internal channels and lakes. By the construction of the shipping system The Rein - Main - Danube, the Danube becomes the route spine, which provides almost unlimited shipping opportunities to both the Europeans and the tourists from the overseas countrie