The Djerdap Gorge - the Iron Gate - is the largest river gorge in Europe. Due to its specific characteristics, archaeological wealth and variety of the flora and fauna, it was pronounced a National Park, with the seat in Donji Milanovac. Up the river from this town, at the 1004.7th kilometer of the right bank, there is a unique archaeological finding, Lepenski Vir, with a prehistoric settlement, eight thousand years old.
According to a legend, the Lepenski Vir was founded by one of the Noah's sons, after the Deluge. This settlement from the Neolithic era includes the remnants of houses with stone fire pieces, trapezoid based facilities and 54 sculptures with fish heads, which belong to one of the oldest civilizations in Europe.
The most important finding are samples of monumental stone plastics, so far absolutely unknown in the older stages of the Balkans' and the Danube region's prehistory.
The archaeological finding was transferred to another location, in order not to be flooded by the raised level of the Danube after a dam construction. At the location, in addition to an ethnic village, there is also a museum which includes copies of the most beautiful stone sculptures. The originals, having a special value for the history, culture and arts of the entire Europe, are kept in the National Museum, in Belgrade.
At present, landing of only boats and smaller ships is possible at the location, whereas the larger ones use their stand by boats to do so.

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