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"The roof of Serbia" Kopaonik, got its name by the centuries long activity carried out there - excavating of gold, silver, lead and zinc ore. That's why the name in the local slang remained Kopanik. At the height of 1,700 - 2,000 meters above sea level, there are 11 peaks and the slopes of most of them are ski paths in the winter. The most attractive ones are Suvo Rudište, Karaman, Greben, Gobelja, Krst, Bećirevac, Lednica, Markove Stene, the Jarak saddle, Srebrnac, Duboka and others.

The highest Kopaonik point (2,017 m), the Pančić Peak, got its name by Mr. Josif Pančić, a doctor by profession, a botanic by determination, the first President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences.


The primarily interesting ski grounds in winter on Kopaonik are those at the altitudes from 1,100 to 2017 m and they belong to the first class ones. They are convenient for all skier categories, from the beginners to the top class skiers. The ski center has got about 50 km of the runs arranged for the alpine and 12 km for the Nordic skiing. The nigh skiing fans have got at their disposal the illuminated run 'Small Lake'.  About 97% of ski grounds are covered by the artificial snowing system.
All ski runs are well connected by a chairlift and ski lift system, with the capacity of more than 34,000 skiers per hour. Four seat Pančić Peak chairlift transports, in addition to the skiers and snowboarders, throughout the winter season, but also in summer, also the Center visitors who do not practice winter sports, but make panoramic views and practice many other activities enabled by the Kopaonik Ski Center.
n the summer period, the tourists planning to spend their holiday on a mountain may use 20% discount to the entertainment features packages on the TOP SUMMER WEEKEND days. For the travel organizers, tour operators, travel agencies and the interested individuals, Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia produced the summer features presentation of Kopaonik, Tornik (Zlatibor) and Stara Planina.


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Along with Stara Planina (Old Mountain), Kopaonik belongs to the sunniest mountains in Serbia. At the same time, it is a mountain where the snow remains for the longest time, at the average of 212 days in the year. The snow cover height goes even up to 2 m. The most snow is there in January and February. Since the climate on this mountain is curing and, as such, convenient not only for sportsmen, children and asthma patients, but also all those who like having holiday in the healthy nature, hiking is organized to the Metođe Spring and Semeteško Lake, mountain bike riding, basketball, tennis and horse riding schools, slimming and fitness programs and many sport grounds are ideal for sport team preparations. Due to its great jagging relief, Kopaonik provides ideal paragliding conditions.

Kopaonik offers throughout the year ideal conditions for active holiday and enjoying and from spring to winter it is a place of many conventions, seminars and excursions. Mutual conclusion of the tourism journalists is that the campaign, under the title 'This is the Party Peak', perfectly suites the  Kopaonik.



One of the largest and richest Serb Orthodox monasteries, founded in 1190. by Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the medieval Serb state

Archaeological locality of the old Christian Basilica from the 5th or 6th century
One of the first capitals of the Serbian medieval state Raška
The Church of Holy Apostles Petar and Pavle from the 9th or 10th century, the oldest monument of the Church Architecture at the territory of Serbia, originally the seat of Raška  Episcopacy
An old fortress on a cliff
Memorial of Helene the Anjou from the 13th century

There are many accommodation facilities on Kopaonik and the outstanding ones by their location and offer are MK Mountain Resort hotels "Geand" and "Anđela", as well as apartments "Konaci" (



Kopaonik is 275 km far from Belgrade and it may be reached in two ways:
From the west side - By the Ibarska main road there are two ways to the Ravni (Flat) Kopaonik, one from Biljanovac and Jošanička Banja, up the Jošanička River, and the other one from Rudnica
From the east side - From Kruševac and Toplica, via Brzeće.


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