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In the Eastern Serbia, on the territory of the municipalities Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad, partially along the border with Bulgaria, there is Stara Planina (Old Mountain), one of the most beautiful and best preserved areas, inadequately developed, but with an outstanding opportunity to become one of the most important tourism centers in Serbia. The Stara Planina, having the height range from 1,100 to 1,900 meters above sea level, is characteristic for many attractive destinations, among which the most attractive ones are Babin Zub, then the highest peak Midžor (2,169 m), Srebrna Glava, Crni Vrh, Vražija Glava, Visočica, Zavojsko Jezero and others. The whole region has got a great potential for the development of the winter, mountain, hunting, biking and rural tourism and the main support is provided now by the built hotel Stara Planina (four stars) and the ski lanes Konjarnik, Sunčana Dolina, as well as Markova Livada, illuminated for night skiing, as well, the first gondola in Serbia and cable railways as the precondition for skiing and winter sports. This is the first stage in the development of the future mountain center on this mountain which master Plan provides places for about 22,000 guests in the final stage. 
The Stara Planina area is extremely attractive also for the rural tourism, with the increasing number of categorized households in picturesque villages. The nature is intact and convenient for walks and medicinal herb picking. A rich ancient and medieval heritage is also present there, as well as interesting folklore habits. The cuisine is original and it is a tradition of this region. On the Eastern slopes of the Stara Planina, a hunting ground under the same name is located. In this region the hunting game are doe, fox, wild boar, wolf and deer. In the Timok valley, especially around Knjaževac, there are villages with the vine growing, famous for centuries for outstanding wines, and wine manufacturers of this region are the owners of many local and international prizes.


Stara Planina is 330 km far from Belgrade, 70 km from Niš, 100 km from Zaječar, 50 km from Knjaževac or Pirot. It is accessible from several directions. We point out two of them:
1st:  A travel on the relation Niš – Svrljig – Knjaževac – Kalna – Babin Zub, 110 km long, is the most recommendable one, especially in the winter period, since the road is regularly maintained.
2nd:  The shortest way for those arriving from Belgrade of Western Serbia  is Sokobanja – Knjaževac – Kalna – Babin Zub, but this travel direction is in a bad condition. Thus, it is not recommended in winter.


Babin Zub ski resort has a four seater chairlift Konjarnik with a loading conveyor belt and a capacity of 1,400 skiers per hour, and a T-bar ski lift Suncana Dolina, with a capacity of 1,200 skiers per hour, as well as Markova Livada kindergarten with a magic carpet. Jabucko Raviste has the first gondola lift in Serbia.
The eight seater gondola takes skiers from the hotel further to the chairlifts and runs.

This part of the resort also has a four seater chairlift, and a ski lift, so that it is also connected with the part of the resort in Babin Zub. More than 13km of excellent runs, with various levels of difficulty, are prepared for skiers of all categories.
Apart from that, in Stara Planina ski resort, we have an artificial snowing system, so that, in case there is not enough natural snow, the visitors can enjoy winter sports.

In the summer period, the tourists planning to spend their holiday on a mountain may use 20% discount to the entertainment features packages on the TOP SUMMER WEEKEND days.
For the travel organizers, tour operators, travel agencies and the interested individuals, Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia produced the summer features presentation of Kopaonik, Tornik (Zlatibor) and Stara Planina.


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In the village Donja Kamenica, there is the Holy Mary Church with very well preserved frescoes, which is supposed to have been constructed in early 14th century

On the way to the village Gornja Kamenica, there is the Holy Trinity Monastery

In the village Ravna, there is the archaeological finding Timacum Minus, from the 1st century A.D, a Roman settlement. Based upon the excavated remnants in the Archeological - Ethnic Park, an outstanding lapidarian collection of ethnic monuments has been formed, exhibited in the school in Ravna. During the research, tens of Roman monuments were discovered, as well as the Tsar's honorable inscriptions, examples of ancient bronze and marble sculptures, relief and other items, having high artistic value. in the Archeological - Ethnic Park, there is also the Ethnic House, with its cellar rearranged into a Wine Manufacturing Museum.

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