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On the twentieth of August 1893, Aleksandar Obrenović visited Zlatibor and it was a historical visit that marked further future of this best visited Serbian tourist center, located in the western section of Serbia, at the distance of 230 km from Belgrade, 240 km from Podgorica and 180 km from Sarajevo. At Kulaševac, the place where lunch was organized for him, above the present lake, a memorial fountain was built and the whole area got the name King's Water. Six years later, the Sanatorium was constructed, a summer holiday facility in this region. That was the beginning of tourism boom of Zlatibor.

At present, Zlatibor has got the reputation of one of the largest centers, which reaches and exceeds many mountain, spa and seaside tourism resorts by the number of tourists and their nights (250,000 visitors and 1,200,000 nights). The features expand, the winter months reach the summer ones by the turnover, two seasons are successfully formed. Medical, sport/recreational, excursion, rural, convention, event and transit tourism become increasingly important and amusement on this mountain is getting better and more diverse. The mountain became the center of many excellent hotels (Mir, Olimp, Zlatibor, Mona, Palisad, President, Novak's Castle, Idila, Satelit...), resorts (The Danube, Ratko Mitrović, Tourist Organization of Zlatibor Inn ...), apartment settlements (Kraljevi konaci), catering facilities,  villas and weekend houses, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and other diverse features.


Zlatibor is a mountain that is from spring to autumn ideal for holidays, as well as for the sportsmen preparations, having high quality grounds with a good soil for almost all types of sports. In winter, it is convenient for skiing and snow enjoying at the large Ski Center at Tornik, with a six seat cable railway and artificial snow guns, or on the slopes of Obudojevica, in the settlement center, with several shorter lanes and minor ski lifts.

According to the data of the Tourist Organization Zlatibor, at the tourist 'peaks', even 25,000 visitors daily stay on this mountain. Based upon the accomplished number of nights, every guest spends here the average of six days.

The Tourist organization of Zlatibor

A unique museum of national building and tradition outdoors

Natural asset, one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, through which the Trnavski Creek flows
One of the largest waterfalls in Serbia, about 20 m high. According to a legend, in its depths the nymphs bath
The narrow track railroad at the railway line  Mokra Gora - Šargan Vitasi, making the route in the form of number 8
Nature Park with Mećavnik Hill, where Drvengrad by Emir Kusturica is situated
Ski Center with four arranged lanes, artifical showing system and a six seated cable railway

Potpećka Cave should not be missed, either, or many Zlatibor clog churches and ethnic villages, the  canyon of the Uvac River with famous meanders and the White Head Eagle, ethnic park Terzića Avlija in the Zlakusa village, restaurant Pećinar in the Ljubiš village with original gastronomic specialties, or any other cultural/historical and natural monuments as recommended and organized by the Tourist Organization Zlatibor.


A trade fair of Zlatibor dry meat products, village Mačkat, January
  KUSTENDORF - The Film and Music Festival of the Director Emir Kusturica,
  Mećavnik, Mokra Gora, January

Trumpeter Show , Zlatibor, July
  HUNTERS GET TOGETHER - Wolf Chase, Zlatibor, February
  FRUIT BRANDY TRADE FAIR - The village Šljivovica, April


Tornik Ski Center is located at an elevation of 1,110 - 1,490m, 9 km from the tourist resort of Zlatibor. The total capacity of the ski area in the winter period is about 5,400 skiers per hour. Four runs, Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac, are covered by an artificial snowing system, so this ski center does not depend on weather conditions anymore. The Tornik Ski Center has a special type of installation, the so called tubing, which, as the chairlift itself, can be used during both summer and winter periods. The ski center is equipped with a children's playground and a carousel, as well.

Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia prepared for the travel organizers, tour operators, travel agencies and any other interested individuals a presentation of summer features of Kopaonik, Tornik (Zlatibor) and Stara Planina.

Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia

+ 381 11 311 79 01 




The moderate climate of Zlatibor is ideal for medical tourism. There are many hotels having in their offers Wellness Centers ( Mir, Zlatibor, Mona, Idila, The Danube, Thai Spa Center, CMC Club Satelit), but  najvažnije mestothe most importance place in this offer is taken by the Medical/Tourism Center Čigota (, which applies  the Wellness program already since 1989.

Famous Professors of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Physical Activities from Belgrade made the concept of balance establishing in the body, following the worldwide trends of the Wellness programs and carrying out the project Overweight Prevention and Treatment. Various lungs diseases, anemia, minor heart and blood vessels disorders and especially those of the thyroid gland are also treated at the Medical/Tourism Center Čigota. Within the Čigota there are also the Relax Center, with swimming pool, saunas, steam bathroom, hydro massage, aroma therapies, solarium and all types of massage. The Institute is also the venue of many conventions and seminars any time of the year.




On Zlatibor, the guests do not rest only around the King's Water,  but also in the neighboring villages: Sirogojno (the outdoor musum Old Village), Gostilje (one of the most beautiful watefalls), Semegnjevo (the lakes around which the beaches are supposed to be arranged), Ljubiš (an outstanding gastronomic offer), Mačkat (famous event Ham Fest), Jablanica, Rožanstvo, Tripkova,  Rudine, Kriva Reka and other villages, with selected home made food and the host's attention everywhere.
The villages are well connected by traffic, the households are prepared for reception of the guests.

The offer includes also many opportunities for hiking, sports, recreation, organized picnics to caves and waterfalls, hunting and fishing, horse riding, mountaineering, forest fruit and medicinal herb picking. As desired, the tourists may participate in the agricultural works and preparation of winter sour salads.


At the area of 1.5 hectares, at the locality Tić Field, on Zlatibor, close to the Tourism Center Zlatibor and the main road Belgrade - Bar, there is a camp with 52 units, including reception, kitchen and a summer house with barbecue, as well as a mutual facility with all necessary equipment. Each cam unit has got its own electric power and water connections and the guests have also the Wireless Internet at their disposal. The camp satisfies the conditions for the three star class and is one of the best arranged ones in Serbia.




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