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class cultural facility and, since 1990, it has been also a member of the European Open Sky Museums Association.
The museum is open daily and this ethnic facility is passed annually by more than 100,000 visitors. Tourists, researchers and the youth meet the native country of their ancestors, with various purpose buildings, items, household furniture, handicrafts, and tools by which the items were made of clay or wood.
For the Old Village visitors and those who stay there at various painting arts, music and literary meetings, exhibitions, lectures and seminars, special facility units were arranged for refreshment and rest. The offer of an authentic tavern includes healthy food from an ecologically clean environment, forgotten old meals and drinks. The sleeping facilities are improved by wood, the relevant furniture and a fireplace fire. The souvenir shop has been arranged in the traditional style, as well, with reproductions of national creativity items. In it, one can buy also special tea kinds from wild fruits, candy fruit, grass brandy and prunes in leaves. Everything is made completely in accordance with requirements of modern ecological movements. In this period, in the Old Village museum, a half board costs CSD.2,200 and a night with breakfast CSD.1,700.

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About twenty kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, surrounded by mild slopes, there is the village Sirogojno, famous for its women producing knitted fabrics and the Old Village - a museum under the open sky. This facility, one of the most attractive ones in Europe, which represents the traditional construction, material and spiritual heritage of the Serbian village in the mountain Dinara region, extends on an area of five hectares. Its construction began in 1979, by moving the facilities to a chosen location, near the St. Peter's and Paul's Church. In about fifty original Zlatibor's wooden cottages, there are more than 2,000 exhibits. In a natural surrounding, old village yards are located, with many buildings and the related ambient details. The museum entirety, with the St. Peter's and Paul's Church, is protected as a cultural monument and pronounced for the first