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In the region of Užice community, Mokra Gora extends, surrounded by the slopes of Tara, Šargan and Zlatiborski Viogor. It is crossed by river plains and gorges, rich with fresh mountain streams, wide forests and flower plains. The Šargan saddle always had an important geographic position, connecting Serbia and Bosnia, Užice and Višegrad, directing movements over Mokra Gora.

The excursion to this mountain, compulsory for those who have a holiday on Zlatibor or Tara, begins with the information of the prophecy of the prophet from Kremna, Mitar Tarabić, who announced flourishing of tourism in this region: "Many years will pass before people remember the iron road and this road will be renown from the beginning. However, travelers will not travel on it  to Višegrad for their needs or business, but entertainment people for the rest and enjoy."

From early spring to the late autumn, the old locomotive JŽ 83-173, with wagons shine cleaned for tourists, which used to be the most powerful engine in its class, drives with whistling, grumbling, hiccuping and all those sounds conjuring up the spirit of the past times.

The first alternative of a railroad over the Šargan was traced in 1903. Engineer Hugo Keinz designed a serpentine railroad, 13,5 km long and a loop, the famous Šargan Eight, about twenty tunnels, several bridges and viaducts.

The Šargan Eight was considered one of the most beautiful railroads worldwide. Passing the valley expanding on the mountain slopes, it passed through gorges and canyons. A puzzle for passengers then and tourists now was and remained which way the train has passed and where it should only come.

Three stations on Mokra Gora: Šargan-Vitasi, Jatare and Mokra Gora, to which their look in 1925 has been returned, are a great tourist attraction of this beautiful mountain. The Jatare station, famous for the fact that not a single fare has ever been sold there, is today, along with the restaurants The Šargan Eight and The Vraneš Field, the catering facility under the same title, for the unexpected travelers who would like to try specialties of the local kitchen, typical for this region.

Quite close to Mokra Gora, the famous film director Emir Kusturica created the ethnic village Drvengrad (the Wooden Town) or  Mećavnik (the Snow Storm Town), with a cinema hall, exhibition pavillions and apartments and thereby completed the offer of this beautiful part of Serbia.


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