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  Amazing Serbia

On the slopes of Mokra Gora, the director Emir Kusturica, was shooting the film "Life is a Miracle". On the slope across the Golubinci railway station, on the route of the Šargan Eight, he designed and constructed the ethnic village The Wooden Snowstorm Town. The numerous objects were constructed there: The St. Sava Church, a library, a cinema with the latest picture and sound, apartments. It is being constructed everywhere ans the smell of railroad ties and resin is spreading around.
Everything in the Wooden Snowstorm Town is authentic. In the shop - gallery, one can buy unique items made of wood, wool and other natural materials, home made honey, tea, flour, brandy, candied fruit, jams, as well as souvenirs with a Snowstorm Town mark. Ana Petrović Ivković, the Art Director of the ethnic village, painted many items and organized a gallery, in which modern artists from Serbia and worldwide exhibit their works.


The whole Wooden Snowstorm Town is like an ethnographic museum, it is full of the past related facilities and items. There are a mill, a dairy, a bakery and a part, in which the candied fruit and jams are produced in the old fashioned way. Healthy food is served in the restaurant and cakes and pies are eaten and bosa and home made natural juices are drunk in the pastry shop.
They say there that Emir Kusturica "made the houses laugh, revived the town and sent its inhabitants from the real life into a world of imagination, creativity and spiritualism, that the return to childhood, the natural aesthetics, happy colors and optimism are what surrounds you in the Snowstorm Town". Nicely said.



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