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After the summer promotional tour in Vojvodina under the title PANNONIAN SUMMER ADVENTURE, Tourism Organization of Vojvodina (TOV) organized (September 28 - 30, 2018) the promotional tour for tourism journalists under the title VOJVODINA AUTUMN SOUL, wishing to present the culture and wine tourism, to suggest the individuals, organized groups and travel agencies how to plan an autumn weekend in Vojvodina, with a visit to Monasteries and wineries. Nataša Pavlović, TOV CEO, also points out the autumn is something one should experience in Vojvodina, saying for the Internet Serbia Travel News "We want to show the religious and wine tourism offer. The spiritual wealth of Vojvodina shown through Monasteries is invaluable, this is the cultural heritage treasury. And the autumn is the events time to honor wine and grape picking and therefore this is a good mutual story". 
And so we went on the spirituality and wine routes, with the meeting points at two Vojvodina destinations - Vršac Mountains and Fruška Gora. We visited the Monasteries and tasted famous Banat and Fruška Gora wines, famous all over the world. It was a winning combination indeed. Thus, in accordance with the idea the VOJVODINA AUTUMN SOUL should be a three-day excursion, also the Internet Serbia Travel News experiences this picturesque travel in such way.


The VOJVODINA AUTUMN SOUL begins in Đorđe Winery in Banatski Karlovac, in touch with the tradition and modern technology combination, recognizable taste of the wine from the sand, such as Fresca, Portugieser and Traminac, and the wine tourism beginning within the Sand Resort. From there, the route takes to Vršac, one of the oldest Banat cities, where culture, history and natural beauties mix with each other, recognizable by the Vršac Castle, the city symbol, the Bishop's Court, the Old Pharmacy, Sterija's House, the Holy Cross Chapel, museums, St. Gerhard Church, the largest Catholic Church in Serbia. This tour includes also the visit to Mesić Monastery from the 15th century, devoted to the birth of St. John the Baptist, as well as the visit to the attractive picturesque St. Teodor Vršački Church, built to honor the Vršac BishopTeodor Nestorović, who raised Banat population to the rising against the Turks, in 1594.
The wine and gastronomic part of the travel is in the Dinar Ethnic House, an authentic restaurant with the local cuisine specialties, as well as Vinik Winery, the first registered winery in Vršac, famous for Vržole wine and its owner Nikola Cuculj, The Grand Master of Banat Wine Order Saint Teodor. The journalists assured themselves the good atmosphere is guaranteed here.




The VOJVODINA AUTUMN SOUL continues by the visit to Kovilj Monastery. There are not many data about it and according to a legend it was built by St. Sava in 1216 and according to another one it was the Serbian King Dragutin. And then follows the visit to Fruška Gora, "The Serbian Medieval Athos", which creates a special cultural / historical unit with its 17 Monasteries. A good visit selection is the Novo Hopovo Monastery, for the first time mentioned in the scripts in 1451, with one of the most important frescoe paintings in the Balkan art region, which, together with St, Nicholas Church, represents by its architectural value the most important sacral building of its epoche in these regions. Since Vrdnik is our destination, we visit the Monastery with the same name from the 16th century, inhabited by the monchs of Ravanica Monastery, escaping in front of the Turks during the Great Serbian Migration and where the remnants of Prince Lazar were situated until 1942, when they were transferred to rhe Cathedral in Belgrade.
The wine tourism reputation was saved by Kovačević Winery in Irig, famous for the wines Aurelis, Bermet, Orpheline and others, and spacial attraction is a visit to the Vrdnička Tower ethnic village, located just at the border with the National Park Fruška Gora.



The VOJVODINA AUTUMN SOUL begins on the last day by the visit to the Small Remeta or Remetica Monastery, established by the King Dragutin Nemanjić, in which two valuable books are preserved, the Manuscripts from Rača Monastery in 17th century and goes on by the visit to Deurić Winery, recognizable by the wines Enigma, Probus, Marselan and others, but also by the apple seedlings, from which Apple Brandy is manufactured. Fruška Gora Lugarnica, an ethnic restaurant with overnight staying and free space to enjoy the Small Remeta village at the slopes of Fruška Gora, discovered to us all charms of the ethic / gastronomic tourism with the game specialties, the advantages of the family tradition and initiative and what it looks like in the practice when both the hosts and guests enjoy it. 
All of this experienced, seen, even tasted by the tourism journalists is a good reason for all those wishing to spend their leisure actively to go to Vojvodina in the autumn period on the routes of spirituality and wine. Dejan Veselinov, the owner of Veselinov Tourism Consulting Agency (, which executed this autumn tour, just like the previous summer one for the journalists, suggests travel agencies to include such or similar planned program in their offers and Nataša Pavlović, TOV CEO, announces Tourism Organization of Vojvodina will place holograms for the VRDNIK route in 2019,  intended for Fruška Gora Monasteries, as well as the route MEDIEVAL SREM, which will be presented through the Monasteries. Another welcome for the tourists.


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