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Vrdnik Spa is situated on the slopes of Fruška Gora, within the National Park, 80 km from Belgrade and 24 km from Novi Sad.
The main tourist history page of the spa Vrdnik begins after World War II, when miners from the famous Vrdnik's brown coal mine, the quality of which was compared with the one from Silesia, constructed a small spa block. The block gained soon a good reputation, the coal went aside, the coal mine was closed and Vrdnik became green. The Spa Vrdnik, natural sanatorium on 200 m above sea level, the ecological oasis with a lot of vegetation, lies on large thermal mineral water deposits. Hence, the experts decided to construct a Special Rehabilitation Institute and the Thermal Hotel there. The compound has got an open air Olympic swimming pool, with the water temperature of 32.8 °C, two indoor ones, pearl baths, Finnish sauna, sport grounds, 260 beds and a congress hall.
In the spa, rheumatism and all bone / ankle system diseases are healed, respectively. The latest methods of water and electric therapy are used.
Vrdnik, from which the first electric power went out in Srem, presented also important personalities, first of all the writer Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja, who, according to rumors, died in sorrow due to the failed love with Njegoš.
The Vrdnik Tower is also a valuable historical monument, since it was constructed on the Roman Era foundations. Near the Tower is the place named Tatarica. According to a legend, due to the great sight from it, the Tatars were seen in time and stopped.
The Spa - Hotel - Rehabilitation Center "Thermal" is the basic point of the tourism development. Owing to it, the whole region became alive, many small mansions and tennis courts are being constructed. In addition to the visitors coming to the Vrdnik Spa for health care reasons, there is an increasing number of sport teams at their preparations, participants in many congresses and businessmen using their prolonged weekends for recreation purposes.
From Vrdnik Spa many excursions may be performed to the closer or farther surroundings, first of all to the 16 Fruška Gora Monasteries, attracting tourists by their beauty, importance and cultural wealth value. Monastery Ravanica, situated close to the thermal center itself, was mentioned for the first time in 1579 and Duke Lazar supposedly had it constructed. The Turks burned the Monastery, but the monks from the Monastery Ravanica, near Ćuprija, reconstructed it and named it by the Monastery they came from. On that occasion they brought relics of the Duke Lazar with them and from that time there is a story that Vrdnik is his memorial.
The Ethnic Yard Jazak should be certainly visited in the village under the same name, as well as the factory of very delicious Jazak water.




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