Ada Ciganlija, an elongated river island full of forests, in the center of Belgrade, spreads at the fourth kilometer of the Sava from the Mouth to the Danube. The name 'Ciganlija' was probably composed from the Celtic 'Singa' (Island) and 'Lia' (Underwater Land), reflecting the diversity of the river water level. Ada Ciganlija was always important for everyone. Thus, as long ago as in 1821, Prince Miloš Obrenović pronounced it a state and public domain. It stayed like this up to date. Ada inspired the artists and adventurers ever since. So, the famous Serbian writer Branislav Nušić called it Watery Flower and founded a satire newspaper under the same name. By the right arm damming, in 1967, Ada became a peninsula surrounded by a dam and limited by the Sava on one side and the Sava Lake on the other one. Along with Ada Međica, the Lake and a part of the Makiš Field, it takes the area of 800 hectares and is a nature reservation with clean water and a dense deciduous forest as a natural habitat for many species of birds, amphibians and insects. The Sava Lake, about 4.2 km long, 200 m wide and between 4 and 6 m deep, is the habitat, first of all, of Silver Carp and Catfish. Thus, it is also a place for sport fishing. At the island itself, there is also Ada Safari, a minor lake stocked by carp, whhere fishermen's competitions are held regularly.


Ada is an ideal place for sport and recreation. With more than 50 sport grounds, this is also the largest sport center in Belgrade. In addition to the standard sports (football, basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis), the visitors may also play baseball, golf, rugby, field hockey, they may ski on the water by special cable skiing facilities (the motor use is strictly prohibited), raw, rise adrenaline on the bungee jumping platform, or climbing an artificial rock. The beach, by official statistics one of the largest and safest ones in Europe, sometimes receives even more than 300,000 swimmers, followed by the relevant communal departments. The International Jury of the Foundation for Environmental Education - FEE awarded to Ada Ciganlija in 2012 the prestigious international recognition Blue Flag, for the quality of the Sava Lake beach.

The official swimming season at the Lake lasts for three months (From June 15 to September 15).

Ada is an ideal place for entertainment, as well. More than 70 catering facilities, located around the Lake and on the barges, satisfy day and night various gastronomic and music tastes. Hence, there is no wander that Ada Ciganlija, famous among Belgrade inhabitants and their guests as 'Belgrade's Sea', won the first place of the top list of the best known locations that should be visited by tourists when they visit Belgrade, according to a poll of the Internet Portal Lonely Planet. Ada Ciganlija takes even the extremely high 218th place among various European destinations, currently 51,674 of them in the offer of this Website. The Lonely Planet Portal describes the popular picnic site as "Belgrade's summer retreat, a green and sandy island park, a place for swimming, renting a bicycle or just enjoying a cold restorable refreshment overlooking the lake." The worldwide Internet Travel Agency Virtual Tourist did not resist Ada Ciganlija, either and pronounced it "the Third Most Beautiful City Island in the World", after the islands St. Louis in Paris and Campa Island in Prague. Ada Ciganlija is an inevitable place, indeed. One should breathe its atmosphere, rhythm, taste and scent by full lungs.


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