Only 16 km far from Belgrade, there is Avala. If it was lower just for 11 m, it would be a hill. This way, with its 511 meters above sea level, it belongs to low mountains. In 1936, it was declared a National Park, and at the end of 2007, it became a Protected Natural Asset. Although the history of Avala goes back to the prehistoric era and a military fortress is believed to have existed during the Roman era on the top of the mountain, it remained noted there was a medieval town on it, which controlled the access to Belgrade. The Serbs called it Žrnov and the Turks renamed it Havale, which in Arabic means 'obstacle' or 'shelter'. This small mountain was always rich in ores, so the mercury and cinnabarite mines were open in it. Even at present, in the Hollow Rock, there are remnants of the ancient mercury and silver mine and the mineral excavated there was named Avalit.
Avala is also a real natural oasis near the rush city. Even 67 bird species were registered there, 21 of them are declared the natural rarity of Serbia, more than 600 plant species growing there. Thus, the oak, Turkey oak, beech and pine change spontaneously. On the slopes of Avala, originally in 1929, the first 8 km ski running  competition in Serbia took place and then, after the World War II, in 1946, the first Ski Championship of Serbia was organized there.

Culture,history and tradition are mixed on Avala:
- On the remnants of the old town Žrnov, the Monument to the Unknown Hero was installed in 1938, a work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. In order to be installed there, the remnants of the old town were, unfortunately, destroyed. The monument was created in the form of mausoleum with caryatides representing women in national costumes of regions of Yugoslavia from that time. The monument name is different in Serbia from all participating countries in the World War I
- all other countries have got monuments to the Unknown Soldier and only Serbia the one to the Unknown Hero
- A monument to Vasa Čarapić, a Serbian Uprising soldier from Beli Potok, was installed onthe Northeast slopes of Avala. 
- On the slopes of Avala, there are also the first mountaineers home - Mitrovićev Home and the Avala Hotel, originating from the same period and they are culture monuments. 
- Near there is also the Monument to the Soviet War Veterans who died in an airplane crashhere,onOctober19,1964. 
- The most important and dominant symbol of Avala is the TV Tower with a view point (designed by the architects Uglješa Bogunović and Slobodan Janjić). It was constructed in 1965, it was 195 m high and it was the highest building in the Balkans. It was shamefully destroyed in 1999, during the NATO bombing and reconstructed and reopened in 2010. It is 205 meters high now, with a restaurant at the height of 120 meters and a beautiful view to the whole Šumadija. The Avala Tower has been one of the most important symbols of Belgrade already for several decades

- Aerodrom "Nikola Tesla", 209-7828 (ponedeljak-nedelja 08.00-22.00)
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Belgrade Tourist organization

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In order to let tourists get better acquainted with Avala, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade created the shuttle tour From the City Center to Avala
Departures every weekend (on Saturdays and Sundays) from the Nikola Pašić Square
Departure timetable 9.00 a. m., 12.00 a. m., 3.00 p. m. and 6.00 p. m.
Ticket price
Return  tickets for adults RSD.500.00, for children RSD.250.00. The one way ticket price is RSD.250.00. Children up to 7 years old - free of charge

The tickets may be bought in the Tourist Information Center (5, Republic Square, tel. + 381 11 328 18 59.

The tower will be closed if the wind velocity is higher than 13 m/s.


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