The Moscow Hotel (four stars) is located in the middle of Belgrade, on the Terazije Plateau, a place visible also from the other side of the river, near the famous Terazije Fountain, constructed during the rule of Miloš Obrenović. It is quite close to the Knez Mihailo's Street, the National Theater, the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Republic Square, the Kalemegdan, many boutiques, art galleries and shopping malls. The Moscow Hotel is a real architectural pearl, built in the Russian secession style, with the elements of the Greek antique. In 1908, it was opened personally by the Serbian King Petar 1st Karađorđević. The hotel façade was designed by Sankt Petersburg's architects and the molds are still kept in a Hungarian factory in Pecs, which manufactured them.
Built within the great palace Rossia, more than a hundred years ago, the Moscow Hotel has lived longer than eight Governmental creations: the Kingdom of Serbia, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, the Kingdom of has lived longer than eight Governmental creations: the Kingdom of Serbia, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Federal Democratic Yugoslavia, the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the State Community of Serbia and Montenegro.
The Moscow Hotel has been an overnight place of more than four million people in a century of its existence and a good host for more than 36 million visitors. This historical monument became a meeting point of Belgrade's artists, the Balkan's and worldwide elite, and numerous local and worldwide politicians, such as Tito, Sukarno, Kaddafi, Brezhnev, Nixon and others.  The Moscow Hotel was passed through by Jean Paul Sartre, Orson Wales, Henry Moore, Alberto Moravia, Ives Montagne and Simon Signore, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Kirk Douglas, Robert de Niro, Momo Kapor and other domestic and worldwide famous personalities.


Moscow Hotel, under Governmental protection since the half of the 20th century as a culture monument of the City of Belgrade, is completely renewed at present and, in addition to the luxurious rooms and apartments, the cult café and restaurant, it has got also a ball room and 4 conference halls, as well as a new SPA Center. It is in the fastest way connected by traffic with the business centers, cultural institutions and convention/concert halls. It is five minutes from the Main Railway Station, six minutes from the Belgrade Bus Station and 20 minutes from Nikola Tesla Airport.





Moscow Hotel celebrated a sweet anniversary - 40 Years of 'Moscow Schnitt' Cake, the delicacy that spread this hotel's glory all over the world. The renewed Moscow Hotel wanted to include also something different into its pastry offer in that year, 1974.

Thus, a new cake was created, with the nut and almond cover, with sour cherries and champenoise cream, called Moscow Schnitt. At present, it is not only the sweet brand of the Hotel itself, but also the brand of Belgrade. What Sacher cake is for Vienna, the Moscow Schnitt is for Belgrade.


Moscow Hotel

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