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Zemun is located the mouth of the river Sava into the Danube, in the southeast part of Srem, under the Srem plateau on the right bank of the Danube, across the Kalemegdan Park. The Old Zemun is the tourist soul of Belgrade, a picturesque part of the city with a special atmosphere and the untouched ambient values in the tourist metropolis Belgrade. Through history, Zemun changed its name. The Celts called it Taurunum, then follows Mallevilla (The Evil Town, in the script of Albert von Aachen, the chronicle writer from the First Crusade War), then Semlin, the Austrian name and Zimony, the Hungarian one. The settlement itself was founded by Scordisci, i.e. Celts, the Romans fortified here in the 1st century BC, the come the Slavs, the Hungarians and Byzantines had a war, the Turks destroyed it, and the Prince Eugene of Savoy took it from them and the Habsburg Monarchy ruled it the following two hundred years.


As the important crossroads, Belgrade and  Zemun had during the history firmly connected destiny. Traders, army commanders, scientists, artists and charlatans were coming there on the Danube and Sava, both from the West and East. According to the diverse inhabitants of Zemun, many of them found their home here.

Zemun, first of all its old part, is the best to see walking on the cobblestoned streets, passages under the lime tree, poplars and birches, on the curved staircases, dropping to the Great Market in the Downtown, the former center of the trading and cultural life and all this owing to the river harbor, which used to be where the Old Harbor Office is at present.

A form part of the tourist Zemun are also the Opera & Theater Madlennianum, The Homeland Museum, The Air Force House Gallery, the House of Karamata Family and the Summer Scene of Gardos.

Zemun, a part of Belgrade with the soul, was included by the the Tourist Organization of Belgrade in its regular sightseeing offer under the name THE OLD ZEMUN.
Duration: 90 minutes, followed by a tourist guide
The route: The Old Magistrate Building, Gospodska Street, Glavna, Madlennianum, The Foundry Pantelić, the Karamata House, Gardos, Sinđelićeva, The Saint Nicholas Church, The Zemun Quay, The Old Harbor Office and The Old Customs Building.
Start: The Old Magistrate Building, on Saturdays at 4.00 - 5.30 p. m.





The Saint Nicholas Church is the oldest preserved church in Zemun, constructed from 1745 to 1752, in the Baroque style. One of the most valuable iconostases is situated in it.
The Holy Mother of God Church was constructed in 1780 by the Serbs, Cincars and Greeks and the Catholic Church was finished fifteen years later.
The Holy Trinity Church in the Upper Town was constructed in 1842, The Catholic Holy Roko Church and the Orthodox Saint Archangel Gabriel Church are located on the area of the Quarantine , within which a part of the defense wall and the monument column remind that the French writer and statesman Alphonse Lamartine had to stay in the quarantine when he returned from Serbia, in 1833.


Gardos (the Hungarian name), the best known part of Zemun, remembered in the legends as a settlement of fishermen, craftsmen, and greengrocers, still lives in the untouched ambient. In the curved streets, the basic value are given by small, low facilities, sometimes made of clay, and the two complexes - the Saint Nicholas Church and the remnants of the Medieval fortress with the Millennium Tower, one of the five ones at the end of the Hungarian state of that time, lated called by the citizens The Tower of Janos Hunyadi). There are also spontaneously given names of the nearby streets, the High Street, the Old Street, The Sloped Street, The Narrow Street, The Rowers Street and others. Gardos is also the most beautiful painting motif of Zemun. It is worth meeting closely, climb up the Tower of Janos Hunyadi, from which there is a wonderful view to the whole Zemun, the Danube and Belgrade.


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