The brooms in the Ahoy Gallery have got various sizes, decorated by aprons and interesting details. An old handicraft school started its operation in the premises of the Ahoy Association. The vision, based upon return of the old glory and an accelerated development of almost forgotten handicrafts, enables tourists in the Ahoy Gallery to reach original items of an extraordinary manufacturing beauty and authentic value. If they want to be included in the manufacturing of the desired items/souvenirs, they may do so with help of the instructors.




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In the municipality Bački Petrovac, situated in the southern part of Bačka, there has been the Ahoy Association already for many years, as an artistic, spiritual and economic meeting point of Vojvodina Slovaks. It has been engaged upon safekeeping and supporting of the old handicraft and handwork development, keeping of the traditional meals and healthy human environment, education in the village development, organizing the old handicraft schools and workshops, souvenir manufacturing and the country tourism supporting. It gathers artists, craftsmen, farmers and all interested inhabitants.



In the middle of Bački Petrovac, the Ahoy opened a Gallery - Ethnic Corner, with the applied art works based upon the Slovakian cultural heritage. Cornstalk items are manufactured, glass is painted, there is knitting, loom weaving, embroidery stitching, table cloths and pillow cases are decorated and decorative brooms are made. The extremely fruitful plain, in which Bački Petrovac is situated, caused the basic activity of the local inhabitants. One of the best known agricultural products is broomcorn, so that the people from Bački Petrovac are among the greatest broom exporters in Europe.