The devil gave the modest and peaceful inhabitants The Devil's Water to drink, he made them forget family relations and have incest, wedding of a brother and sister. A good nymph who still takes care of this region, tried to prevent them, but, since she failed, she approached to the God. He connected the sky and the Earth, a strong cold wind blew and petrified the wedding guests
Two families with the wedding guests went to bring the same girl, so they had a bloody fight. The God got angry, petrified the most militant ones, among whom also both grooms. The desperate bride started crying, there was a stream of tears, the sour taste of which is explained by the taste of tears and, since there was a lot of blood during the fight, reddish water started flowing onto the surface.
The earthen figures represent petrified devils who were torturing the local inhabitants for a long time. In order to get rid of them, they spent a night near the yard of the nearby Good Friday Church and got rid of the devils, since they got petrified

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The Devil's Town locality, in which the first International Colony of the Art Photos was founded in 1977, was put under the Government protection as early as in 1959 and in 1995, it was pronounced a natural facility of extraordinary importance and put into the first category Protection of Natural Monuments. Since the voting for the natural seven wonders is going on worldwide, if the adequate number of votes arrives by August 8, 2008 to the Internet addresses or, the natural / tourist wonder of Serbia - The devil's Town has a chance to become one of them.




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"The Devil's Kingdom", one of the most unusual natural monuments in the world, Devil's Town, is located in the middle of Radan mountain, at the height of about 700 meters above sea level, near the village Đake (the name comes from the Turkish word 'blood'), close to the Prolom Spa, 27 km southeast from Kuršumlija and 288 km from Belgrade. It takes the area of 67 hectares.
This natural monument is made of two rare natural phenomena: earthen figures and two sources of very sour mineral water with a lot of minerals. One of the sources is named "The Devil's Water" (cold and extremely sour) and the other one "The Red Well" (due to a very high concentration of iron, it leaves a very attractive red trace).
The earthen figures, the "Towers", as they are called by the local inhabitants, are squeezed between two ditches, the "Devil's" and the "Hell" one. There are 202 of them, they are 2 - 15 meters high, with stone caps on the top. Due to the erosion process, lasting for centuries, they are created, grow, change, disappear and created again.
This geomorphological phenomenon is unique in Serbia and a very rare one in the world. In Europe, there are similar occurences in the Alps and The Garden of the Gods is famous in the USA. However, in the Devil's Town, there are more towers, they are larger and steadier.
Strangely sculptured and lined, the figures create the mystic and secret impression. When the wind blows, strange sound effects are produced, which influenced the imagination of the local inhabitants. Thus, various legends of the Devil's Town creation were transfered from one generation to another one. In order to see the figures in the space better from all sides, many view points were constructed at the locality and electric power was connected accordingly.