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The history of the Serbian wine production is longer than a thousand years. Serbian rulers used to take care of the vine growing culture. Thus, at the time of Czar Dušan, a law was pronounced related to wine production and its quality. In the Medieval Serbia, a cup of wine was an agreement, an oath, a law, a habit. The Serbian rulers are deserving for the development of wine production nowadays, as well. Karlovci took our wine glory throughout Europe, the wines from Krajina went to Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Romania, the wine from Negotin was drunk in Vienna.
The whole Negotinska Krajina is filled with vineyard facilities, and the Rajačke pivnice, wine cellars of the village Rajac, are the best witnesses of the wine production.

They show the long tradition of wine production due to a high know-how with wine and an ideal adaptation of the houses to the production technology itself.
The construction of these wine cellars - drinking houses (from the word 'drink'), there are about 300 of them, started in the 18th century. Some of these facilities are ruined by the past time, and some are still used for storing wine and the famous grape brandy. The Rajac wines took the glory of the Negotin vineyards everywhere and got the highest worldwide prizes early 20th century, at the wine exhibitions in Paris and London.

The architecturally beautiful and precisely constructed houses of the soft yellow sand stone, the drinking houses, dumb-founded by their back wall in the ground, which enables a cellar temperature and humidity convenient for the wine preservation, are an extraordinary attraction at present. Variously wide streets, passing between them, wells, squares, red roofs covered by clay bricks and the atmosphere of the past times, along with the cuisine specialties of this region, good wines and handicrafts, make this space irresistible. If the road one comes on would be better...

The wine culture is at present at a very high level in Serbia. It is considered that there are thousands of wine sorts, and more than 700 of them only in Serbia. Many of them are tasted at wine events throughout Serbia.