The Topola Municipality is located in the central part of Serbia. It is about 80 km far from Belgrade and it can be reached from several directions. The fastest one is by the highway to Mali Po¾arevac and then via Mladenovac to Topola.
In this heart of ©umadija, approximately in the middle of the former green multitude, at the beginning of the last century, the King Petar I Karašorševię had the St. George's Church built, wishing to gather the members of his family at one place. Till the beginning of the last century, Oplenac was a nondescript, stony hill above the town. As regarding the plants, there was only 'the forest one', a type of a stunted oak, suitable for manufacturing of 'Oplen', an important part of the horse-drawn coach, by which the Oplenac actually got its name. In the nearby village Vi¹evac, near Rača, the leader of the First Serbian




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Uprising, Karašorše, was born, who made of Topola the political/administrative seat of the liberated part of Serbia. A monument unit reminds of his time, including the Barracks, the School, the remnants of the fortress Karašorše's Town, with a tower, the Church from 1811 and the Inn ("Karašorše's Castle"), in which the Historical Museum is situated. One of the greatest attractions in the Karašorše's Castle is bronze cannon, the right handle of which was broken off, in order to make the crown for the Kinf Petar I Karašorševię during his crowning.
The Memorial Complex of the Karašorševię's on Oplenac had been constructed for almost three decades, by the drawings of the architect Kosta Jovanovię. In the wonderful St. George Church, there are reproductions of the most beautiful frescoes of the Serbian Medieval Painting, produced by Paja Jovanovię. They were done in mosaic and gold plated, which makes the Church one of the most beautiful Christian facilities. In the crypt under the Church, numerous members of the Karašorševię family were buried four rulers among them.
In addition to the Church, the Memorial Complex consists also of the King's Villa, the Village and Vineyard Keeper's House and other facilities. In one of them the ruler himself - King Petar had been living for many years, during the Church construction. At present, this building is simply called Petar's House. It includes a Gallery and the Endowment Management now. The most attractive of the displayed exhibits in the Oplenac Gallery is the composition The Secret Dinner, done in the white mother-of-pearl. There is an interesting story related to it. Namely, on the occasion of the burial of the King Aleksandar Karašorševię, in 1934, this work was noticed by Hermann Goering, one of the Third Reich leaders, and it was transported to Germany. It was returned to Topola only in 1947.



The Royal Wine Cellar in Oplenac was reconstructed and new vineyard lines were planted there, as well, which let Oplenac get another tourist attraction and supplement to the travel tour of the "Wine Routes".