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The Sava river, 950 km long, created by two minor rivers - the Sava Dolinka and the Sava Bohinjka, passes on its way even through four countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Only the ancient Greeks realized the Sava was not a part of the Danube and provided this river with the myth task to feed the God of Zeus (the Danube) by ambrosia, in order to make him immortal. The Romans called the Sava 'Savus' and the Danube 'Danubius'. They were drawn in the first maps of the Balkans with such names.

There was sailing on the Sava since ancient times and it had a special importance in the Roman Empire. During the centuries, there was more or less sailing on it, depending upon the social/political/economic situations in the river bank region. By the former Yugoslavia falling apart, the traffic on the Sava was reduced and the sailing tourism starts developing sporadically. Currently, the sailing and environment tourism are developing on the Sava increasingly, for fun and fishing. The water is clean, full of high quality fish. The river bank region is covered by dense forests and attractive locations, where the tourism offer is organized increasingly, as well.

The Tourist Organization of Belgrade and Internet Serbia Travel News suggest the tourists to visit the Belgrade's Municipality of Surčin. The sailing tourism development is rising at its territory.

The Municipality of Surčin, having on its territory also attractions, such as the Air Force Museum, Živača Lake and Crni Lug Hunting Ground, constructed many docks along the river toward Ada Ciganlija, from which catamarans drive to the villages Boljevci and Jakovo. In Boljevci, at the 36th kilometer of the rive flow, the Nautical Village on the Water 'Pearl' was constructed with many floating houses.

This village offers accommodation at the hotel apartment level. 60 ties have been provided for the tourists arriving by their boats and ships. The tourist staying at this destination understands also a visit to Fenek Monastery, Sekulić Winery with wine tasting, Stremen Salas, S Club and other attractive locations. A special happening is staying in the Bojčin Forest, where the event The Bojčin Summer is going on. The Ethnic Restaurant 'The Bojčin Cabin' offers gastronomic specialties and the local stud farm organizes for tourists riding in the nature and a coach drive. This destination is also the venue of many events, such as The Srem Jump, The Coach Games, The Fear Games, The Theater Small Form Festival and others.






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