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Takač Jožef
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Brcan Bende Andrea
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Country Tourism

At the seventh kilometer from Horgoš and the sixteenth one from Kanjiža, the Kucora Farm is situated, owned by the CAG Bartok Bela, founded as early as in 1937. The farm takes two hectares, it is surrounded by a fishing pond and fruit trees and there is a horse stall just nearby. The famous Seleveny Waste Land begins two kilometers from the farm.

The Kanjiža Community Tourist Organization included this farm into its bid, believing it fully preserves the traditional spirit, specially through the offer gastronomic specialties (pork products on the spot, the farm beans, Pörkelt, home made pasta pies, jam rolls, cakes, boiled fruit and similar “Vojvodina gourmet specialties”), as well as home made brandy and wine.

During their staying at the farm, the guests may take a coach ride, walk on the health path toward Kanjiža, camp under tents, buy handicraft souvenirs made by the Women's Active Group or home made cuisine products.


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