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The Municipality Bački Petrovac, the smallest one in Vojvodina, the seat of the Slovak Home Society in Serbia, is situated in the southern part of Bačka and it was founded by four settlements, Bački Petrovac, Kulpin, Gložan and Maglič. Surrounded by the waters of the DTD canal , the Danube and the fish ponds Gložan, it is the real oasis for the nature fans and fishermen.
Extremely fruitful plains caused the local inhabitants' basic activity. One of the best known agricultural products is butcher's broom, so that the people from Petrovac are among the largest broom exporters in Europe.
In the wide village streets, full of greenery, there is a line of houses, decorated with colored tiles and tidy grass lawns full of flowers.

There is an opportunity for accommodation in the village households, having high quality furnishing and being comfortable:
* ČUS Household: 1 rooms, telephone, mutual bathroom
* KOPČOK Household: 3/2 rooms, mutual bathroom
* KOVAČ Households: 1 and 1/1 rooms, TV, telephone, mutual
* OŽVAT Household: 2/1 rooms, mutual bathroom

The workshops and tasting are organized for group visits only.

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In this authentic, fairy tale environment, the Tourist Organization of Bački Petrovac scheduled programs of staying for the individuals and organized groups:
The Program Taste School
The hosts to the guests are an aunt and uncle who like cooking jams, candy fruits, home made boiled fruits and juices, used to welcome always dear guests. Tasting the Petrovac Sausage is inevitable, due to the hot paprika called "The Dragon's Sausage", the recipe of which is jealously kept secret around. Preparation of the real Vojvodina's Fruehstueck (Breakfast) has been scheduled, as well, and wines from the Kulpin Hill fit with it very well.
The great preparation of poppy pie, cheese pastry, corn fried cakes, Reites cakes and many other sweets, may be not only tried in the AHOI Ethnic Center, but guests may also participate in their preparation, as well.
The Program 'A Unique Event - THE SLOVAK WEDDING'
The Slovak Wedding is an event to remember. Its preparations last for a week, in order to provide various meals for the guests. While the men are preparing special home made sausages and the adequate stock of drinks from their cellars, the women compete who will bring a bigger and better decorated cake. The guests are welcomed by girls in national dresses, in order to decorate the guests by rosemary flowers. The young bride takes the traditional seven skirt dress on and get on her head a beautiful wedding wreath decorated with pearls, having the weight of even up to 5 kg and kept in a family for many generations.
With a joyful polka and waltz, a folklore group shows the traditional wedding habits. The wedding soup is served and then roast meat, cabbage prepared by the grandma's recipe, home made juices and wines.
The price is EUR.50.00 per person, on the All Inclusive basis.
The price does not include Transportation. The calculation has been made based upon a group visit (not less than 40 persons)
A special attraction is the habit of bringing a large wedding cake and taking the bride's wreath off, when she officially becomes a woman and sees the guests out with boiled brandy and a song they would like to hear.
The whole program takes 4 hours.
The Program Surrounding Sightseeing

Under the original Slovak music, enjoying the village ambient, with the kind and cordial hosts, ready to prepare the coach, in order to praise their fruitful fields, is completed by a visit to the nearby salas (farm).
The Program Handicraft School
In the AHOI Ethnic Center, having the mission of promoting the village, the healthy way of living there and safekeeping of the tradition and the old handicrafts, individual including into the souvenir manufacturing has been scheduled: broom manufacturing in the traditional way, the old-fashioned loom weaving, training in making cornstalk, straw or various other natural material items, glass and silk or egg and pumpkin painting.
Within the AHOI Ethnic Center, there is also a shop of the authentic hand made items and souvenirs.