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At 23 km from Kanji¾a, Tóth Village is situated, a real oasis of greenery and silence. The Tourist Organization of Kanji¾a suggests their tourists to make sure to visit this village, especially those liking the coolness and silence of the Vojvodina plains.
The settlement establishing, as witnessed by the title, as well, is related to the name of the landlord Jozsef Tóth, who split his land near his farm and sold it or partially gave as a gift to his laborers and landless peasants. Later, in 1905, the church was built, then the school, as well and the miscellaneous goods shop was opened there. This determined the historical center of the present village on the crossroads of several roads.


This tidy and clean village is dominated, in addition to the church, also by the complex of the Religious Community facilities, forming the basis of the tourism offer and having at their disposal 40 accommodation facilities, a restaurant with the local Hungarian rural cuisine, as well as the Congress Hall, equipped for congresses, seminars and thematic meetings. The staying prices in the Tóth Village are very convenient. Thus, a night with breakfast costs RSD.800.00, just the night RSD.650.00, lunch/dinner RSD.250.00 and the Congress Hall rent amounts to RSD.4,000.00 per day.

The Tóth Village attraction is also an Ethnic House with the museum exhibition of the local living habits.



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