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The Pannonia Sea is the past, long time ago, but its place is taken by the Palić, a lake 8km far from Subotica, 20 km from the Horgos border crossing and 18 km from Kelebia border crossing. The E-75 motorway (European Corridor 10) passes only 2 km by the Palić. According to a legend, Palić got its name by the shepherd Paul who was digging a well, but so diligently and consciously that it turned eventually into a lake. The tourism in Palić, the previous chic summer resort along with Balatonfürdö, Wiesbaden and Karlovy Vary, started developing in 1780, when the main medical doctor of the Bačka-Bodros Municipality, Dr. Johann Gottfried Liebetraut, suggested warming of the lake water and mud and their use for healing. When the railroad Subotica - Szeged was constructed, in 1867, and the first tramway started from Subotica three decades later, as well, Palić became one of the tourist Meccas of Europe. It still is.
The bases of the tourism offer at the Palić are beautiful buildings, built in an unusual Secession style, the lake - in summer open for bathing and in winter for skating and sleigh riding on the ice covered surface, the summer theater scene and a casino, parks, natural reservations and excursion places. The staying at the Palić would not be complete without a visit to Subotica and Szeged, excursions to the nearby Ludas and Tresetište lakes, the Roka Salash (farm) - an ambient ecological and ethnic environment, many czardas, among which the Gullyas Csarda has got also an ostrich farm, a stud farm with Lipice horses from Zobnatica and Kelebia, hunting grounds with the organized photo safari Mac's Seven, the zoo, the Men's and Women's Strand and the wine courts.
The catering offer is original and remembered. In the Historical Archive of Subotica there is still a written document from the 19th century, where one can see that there were more than 80 types of meal and wine in the Small Inn's menus and wine cards, which could have been envied even by the best restaurants in Vienna and Budapest of that time. For various Pörkelts, guinea fowl soups, goose livers, hams, the Palić Train and countless other salt and sweet specialties, guests arrive presently from all regions of the country, but also from other parts of the world.
The accommodation facilities are numerous. Thus, there is a great choice of luxury and bed and breakfast hotels, private villas and apartments. Since a short time, it has been joined also by the Master - a facility of the Tourist Information Center Palić-Ludas.