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KANJIŽA SPA, officially established in 1913, after the years of the hot yellowish mineral water originating from many 'magic' wells, having the temperatures from 51°C-72°C, celebrated festively ITS DAY (November 24, 2017). Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, an outstanding medical/tourism institution equipped with the state of the art physical medicine and medical rehabilitation devices, intended both for those who come  for prevention, using various anti-stress, spa and sport programs and those who need rehabilitation, accomplished this year, by October inclusive, even 55,000 nights. They point out in the Spa, most of the guests are self-financed, followed by those sent through the Republic Health Insurance Fund Serbia and Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia. The use of the vouchers of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia in 2017 was increased even for 239% compared with the previous year. Significant funds were invested in the medical equipment and early this year an important investment was started - reconstruction of the swimming pool area, for which, beside the Special Hospital funds, also those of the Ministry of Tourism and Kanjiža Municipality were invested. The swimming pool area satisfies now all needs of both standard guests and the disabled persons and mothers with children. As declared by Mr. Ivan Đoković, Vice President of the Government of AP Vojvodina, "This hospital is currently the leading one in Vojvodina and beside the medical importance, it has got also the high tourism one. The visitors are not only from Serbia, but also from the neighboring countries. By its extra services and plentiful offer this spa is different from the other ones". KANJIŽA SPA having a team of specialists and therapists treating rheumatic diseases, the conditions after injuries of the osteoarticular system, peripheral nervous system injuries, the conditions of postoperative orthopedics and damages of the central nervous system, has got also the further development plans. In the festive atmosphere, Dr. Slobodanka Drndarski, CEO of Kanjiža Spa, mentions "We have got projects for the offer advancing and these are the second stage of the Peloid block and the reconstruction of the hydro block. Production of the feasibility study for an outdoor swimming pool is under progress".

THE KANJIŽA SPA DAY was the real opportunity to show the results of the carried out investments and the INTERNET SERBIA TRAVEL NEWS Team assured themselves this spa was really one of the leading ones at the Serbian medical tourism market. Swimming pools fitted by global standards, the salt and Finnish sauna, solarium, gym, sport hall, athletic lane, volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis courts, football grounds, comfortable rooms, cleanness, the prices following the offer and, first of all, extremely kind staff, enable the guest to get here the real combination of healthy, beautiful and useful. We recommend.






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