A Famous Place and a Natural Phenomenon
3 km far from the Prolom Spa, in a clearing, next to a stream with clear water and a forest behind, there is a clog Church - Lazarica, more than 600 years old. According to a legend, before the Battle for Kosovo, a part of the Tsar Lazar's army stopped there for a prayer. The liturgy was carried out walking around the Church, in the orchard.
A natural phenomenon reminds of that event, six tangled plum trees, growing like this nowhere else but there. By the legend, following the liturgy direction, they were tangling six times around their axis and remained like this, waiting for the soldiers to come back and put them back. And there were always six of them. Taken out of the Lazarica Church yard, they would loose this property and grow like any other tree. The Church with the orchard became a famous place and a natural phenomenon.


The staying in the Prolom Spa understands also enjoying the gastronomic specialties, among which the most attractive ones are those in the Ethnic Inn, which keeps the food preparation tradition of the old recipes from these regions.
The Spas

Prolom Spa, located in the south of Serbia, 23 km southeast from Kuršumlija, 85 km far from NIš and 284 km from Belgrade, is greatly awarded by the nature by curing water springs, having the temperature from 26 - 31.5°C. The Prolom Spa curing waters, belonging to very rare ones, with high balneological values, cure the diseases of kidneys, digestive organs, skin, periphery blood vessels, as well as non-joint rheumatism. That the water, mud, climate and beautiful natural ambient have been curing for centuries, prove the excavated objects witnessing even of the Roman Legion soldiers who had cured their wounds on the hot wells there.
The Prolom Spa guests stay in the Radan hotel. Close to it is the new water factory, where the famous, healthy Prolom Water is taken from the depth of 220 meters and bottled without any physical or chemical changes.
The staying in the Prolom Spa understands walking on the health paths, visits to the Lukovska and Kuršumlijska Spas, as well as excursions to the Lazarica Church and the Devil's Town.



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The Devil's Attraction
On the territory of Đake village, 27 km from the Prolom Spa, there is Devil's Town, a natural monument unique not only in Serbia, but also in the world. It is a group of more than 200 earthen pyramids with the height of 2 - 15 meters. In 1959, the Devil's Town was put under Government protection and in 1995, it became a property of the extraordinary importance and category.
This wonderful natural and tourist attraction, to which many legends are related and which became a candidate for a worldwide natural wonder, has got a network of newly constructed paths and view points, enabling the access to the locality from all sides.