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One of the TOP 10 Destinations of Belgrade from the brochure of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade - Skadarlija, a far away famous Bohemian block, called 'Belgrade Monmartre', is in the very center of the city and includes a slightly wider space than the Skadarska Street itself, by which it got its name. Skadarlija, visited daily by more than 20,000 people, was founded in the middle of the 19th century, precisely in 1872, when the house enumeration was carried out in the Skadarska Street. At the end of 19th and beginning of the 20th century, it was considered the center of gathering the Bohemian circles of the city, first of all owing to the guests of then cult cafe Dardanelli, who went to the other, many cafes in the street after this was was destroyed, in 1901.
The vicinity of the National Theater caused moving of actors and other artists into many Skadarlija's attics and thereby their life and night entertainment started going on in these cafes, full of joy, good atmosphere and music. Many cafes were constructed along the Skadarlija, where the artists who entered the Serbian culture history, such as Đura Jakšić (having his monument in Skadarlija now), Dobrica Milutinović and others.

Reconstructed in the past times spirit and stone plated, Skadarlija is 'getting down' from the very center of the city to the Bajloni's Green Market, a large green market full of desks, sellers and buyers. There are buildings with painted walls with flower balconies, the walls of the old brewery provide its special charm and originality and the small hotel Petit Piaf completes the impression and tourism offer. The Skadarlija's charm is hidden in the atmosphere and spirit of the old times not leaving this old town block full of galleries, cafes, pastry shops and first of all inns and restaurants with the specialties of the traditional local cuisine. In the inns, such as At the Two White Pigeons, Two Deer, There Are Days, Skadarlija, My Hat, Bohemians, Three Hats, The Golden Jug and others, one enjoys also the good live music, in addition to the tasteful food.

The tourists who make sure they come to Skadarlija during their stay in Belgrade may meet in it women in costumes selling roses, actors having their shows, a fortune-teller looking at a palm, a drummer telling the local news and souvenir sellers. They may enjoy many season organized events, among which very attractive and well visited selling exhibitions of antiquities, organized by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

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