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The village Velebit is situated between the Palić Lake (17 km) and Kanjiža Spa (12 km), connected by the biking lane The Pannonian Eight, at the edge of the churned up narrow plateau at the height of 106 m above the sea level. At the area of the present village, traces were found of the ancient civilizations and cultures (the Copper and Bronze Era). This village, the only one with the Orthodox inhabitants in its surrounding, was inhabited by the Thessaloniki Volunteers from Lika, the descendants of the famous Nikola Tesla who immigrated into the USA, but upon the King's invitation to defend their fatherland, they returned and participated in the World War I.
The village Velebit, having high quality orchards, first of all apricot and plum ones, is surrounded by 850 hectares of water area (AK Velebit and Kapetanski Rit), which enables practicing of the sailing tourism, fishing and upstream walking. The inhabitants foster the tradition under respect for spiritual values. They exhibit to the tourists their flooring rugs, wide leather belts, small Lika caps and other ancient items, they wear the traditional Lika national costumes, foster the traditional music composing, on their wealth table they offer ham, cheese, Lika dairy products in wooden dishes (milk cream and cheese), fish soup and other specialties. The village Velebit's brand is the Brandy Factory of Kravić Brothers, manufacturing first class home made fruit brandies. Especially interesting are the events Christmas Chasing, when horses are decorated by embroidered towels, the Đurđevdan Early Rising, when one goes to the meadow and washes himself from the well and Flower Picking Before Vidovdan, when girls call their future husbands.


The village Velebit has got an outstanding offer of the rural tourism, accommodation in the highest level households, room or complete house rent at extremely low prices. Within its Wealth of Diversity project, the Istar 21 Tourist Cluster included Velebit into the rural settlements with the highest tourism development potential, in which tourists may get acquainted with the Hungarian and Lika traditional heritage. The most active and deserved for the tourism development in the village is the Citizen Association ČEMER (Grief), headed by Ms. Radmila Marjanov Panjević.






The Village Velebit

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