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The initiator of the rural tourism in Serbia, Kosjerić, is located on the half of the way between Valjevo and Užice. About  140 kilometers far from Belgrade, this rural region, hilly and forested, cut by small rivers, flower meadows and many paths, is surrounded by the villages Seča Reka, Mionica, Skakavci, Rosići, Donji i Gornji Taor and others. At the altitude of 420 to 1020 meters, many households are spread around, dealing with the rural tourism, the accommodation is at an enviable level, the food is traditional and various. The hosts especially recommend the ham, cheese and milk cream, hardened yoghurt, 'tobacco' cracklings, dry ribs, flat bread from the iron pan, roast meat. 

The holiday in Kosjerić, promoted by the Municipality Tourist Organization under the slogan Breath in the Freshness, understands, in addition to swimming in the swimming pool, also visits to many cultural monuments, from Illyrian tombs, Roman graves, Log Churches, like the one in the village Seča Reka, from the 15th century, up to Taori mills. 


The traditional event The Shepherds' Days is held every July in Kosjerić. In addition to the show The Old Singing of the Serbs, the event understands also an exhibition of handicrafts, old meal cooking, young shepherds' competition and the selection of the most beautiful female shepherd.

Tourist Organization Kosjerić

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The tourists wishing to visit this part of Serbia have in Kosjerić at their disposal the Hotel Olympic and Motel - National House Spring, and, first of all, many households in the nearby villages, such as the Ethnic Village Vrhpolje, households of Cvija and Zorko Stojanić in Stojići, Hospitality and Mlogošća in Mionica, as well as many households in the villages Skakavci, Rosići, Gornji and Donji Taor and others.


Kosjerić is an ideal place for active holiday in the greenery and silence. This, rightfully, introduction text in the brochure of the Tourist Organization of Kosjerić reads: "When you come here, you will be welcomed by cordial hosts, tasteful food and cold spring water. You will meet a rich spiritual and cultural heritage. You will Breath In the Freshness. Welcome!"


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