About fifty kilometers from Ljubljana, to the Northwest, near the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka, at the height of 475 m above the sea level, the Bled Lake embedded itself, the trade mark of the Slovenian tourism. In summer, the water temperature exceeds even 24°. Thus, bathing is pleasant all the time till early October. The greatest attraction of this Mecca for the tourists from the whole world is a small island in the middle of the lake, where high plants prevent the sight of the Medieval St. Mary Church and which may be reached by the traditional wooden boat, called Pletno there. In the full tourist season, more than 5,000 guests stay in the hotels, villas, mansions and the car camping ground.
The most attractive is the luxury hotel Grand Toplice, the most famous one is Vila Bled and then there are the hotels Park, Golf, Kompas and others.
Depending upon the hotel, staying period and service type, the prices based upon a seven day package per person vary from EUR.300 to 700.


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Terme Olimia, the third largest ones in Slovenia (the thermal wells Tuhelj in Croatia belong to them, as well), are located at 205 m height above the sea level, just next to a conifer forest, near the small town of Podčetrtek, at the bottom of the Rudnica. From the room balconies there is a view to the valley, through which the little river Sutla meanders. The Terme Olimia complex fully operates throughout the year (all facilities in the spa are connected by underground corridors, leading to the Termalia complex), but in summer, there is the full season when the guests refresh themselves in the huge aqua park, a swimming pool complex with the most attractions in Slovenia.
The Terme Olimia guests make excursions to the Franciscan Monastery and Church, the family workshop for manufacturing of chocolate candies and the rural tourist household The Deer Reef with venison specialties.
The prices are various and depend upon the accommodation, number of days and the selected service package. They vary from EUR.65 to 498.


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In the middle of Slovenia, 85 km far from Ljubljana, there is Laško, a town famous for its thermal wells, colorful surrounding and beer brewing. The Laško thermal mineral water wells were known already to the ancient Romans and, in 1854, the first thermal bathroom was constructed there, under the name of the Austrohungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

The Thermal Center Wellness Park Laško, the hotels Zdravilišče and Hum are situated near the river Savinja and fit into the natural ambient. A new great hotel complex is under construction, which will complete the accommodation offer. The Thermal Center itself offers many swimming pools and saunas, as well as many massages, recreations and gastronomic specialties. Walks around the town, sightseeing and beer tasting in the Laško Brewery are organized for the guests. Depending upon the hotel, season, type of service and the number of days, the price per person in a double room, under an unlimited number of entries into the Thermal and Sauna Center and an entry into the Fitness Center, with a program of relaxation, recreation and animation, amounts to EUR.50 - 105.

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Upon an invitation from Slovenia, Serbian tourist journalists felt the spirit and health care effect of the Slovenian Wellness Centers Laško and Olimia, the charm of the emerald green Bleed Lake, the relaxing Mediterranean Wellness touch of Portorož and Piran and the gastronomic fireworks of the Deer Reef near Olimia and Nova Vas near Sečovlje. And everything should be recommended.


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As early as in the 13th century, Portorož was famous as an air spa. The Benedictan priests from the St. Lorenzo Monastery healed their rheuma by natural factors from the nearby Sečovlje salt plants. Upon a proposal from Piran doctors, in 1885, the first spa was opened there and the organized health care tourism began.
Nowadays, Portorož with its hotels Grand Casino and first of all the Life Class chain, consisting of the hotels Grand Hotel Portorož, Riviera, Neptun, Apollo, Slovenia and Mirna, is the leading tourist wellness center in the region. The Wellness programs combining the Mediterranean climate with the Far East tradition, recreation, massages and spirit and body care, fitted in with a visit to the town musem Piran, the native town of the composer and violin player Giuseppe Tartini, as well as the gastronomic event in the nearby village Nova Vas in Sečovlje, complete the staying in this region.
Depending upon the hotel, staying period and service type, the prices per person in the Life Class Hotels vary from EUR. 62 to 715.

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