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In the publication 52 Weekends in Serbia of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, under the item 3, the weekend destination Bački Petrovac - Bačka Palanka - Bač is proposed.
Bač, the ancient town at the Mostonga, gave the name to the whole region - Bačka.
The Bač Municipality, 62 km far from Novi Sad and 140 km from Belgrade, is in the northwest part of Serbia (the southwest Vojvodina), at the left bank of the Danube. The Municipality west border is the largest sailing corridor in Europe - the Danube, in the length of 43 km. The Bač Municipality region is located between the Municipalities of Bačka Palanka and Odžaci, whereas on the other side of the Danube is Vukovar, in the Republic of Croatia. A canal passes through Bač as a section of the hydro system The Danube - Tisa - Danube. The Municipality Bač consists of 6 settlements: Bač, Plavna, Bačko Novo Selo, Vajska, Bođani and Selenča. The Constantinople master and the Emperor of the East Roman Empire mentioned Bač in his letter as long ago as in the year 535. In the 12th century, Bač was the center of the Metropolitan's residence.


The trade mark of Bač is the Fortress, a medieval fortress famous as the oldest one in Vojvodina, the direct constructor of which was Petar Varadi (The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad). Its history began at the Bronze Age, which is certified by a sword preserved in Budapest. The fortress in Bač belongs to the so-called Water Towns, since it was surrounded by the river from all sides, accessed by the drawbridges. In the fortress internal part, there is the central tower, the highest one, which was used as an important part of the fortress defense system, but also as the watchtower. The visit to the fortress and climbing the Don Juan Tower is an unavoidable tourist activity.


According to some chronicles, Bač was also an Avar fortress, a tribal state was founded there and at the end of the first millennium and beginning of the second one, it was already a constructed and fortified town connected to the Danube by the Mostonga.
During the Arpadovićs, Bač became also a royal town, to which the noblemen and rulers came for negotiations, get-together and assemblies.

In the center of Bač, in the home of Gebauer Family, the first pharmacy in Vojvodina was opened in the 19th century.
  The Monastery of Bođani

The Monastery of Bođani, 13 km far from Bač, is one of the largest cultural/historical attractions. By the saved old writings, the Bođani was constructed by a certain salesman Bogdan, who cured his eyes at the nearby well and then as his gratitude constructed an Orthodox Church at the curing place, in 1478. Near the Monastery and the Vajska village, a Neolith necropolis was discovered with the remnants of ceramics.


The accommodation in Bač

The accommodation in Bač, the real challenge for both scientists and tourists, is possible in the Centrallux Hotel, Ranch Restaurant/Motel, Iverta and Jakić Mansions, Business Club and Hunters Home, at the Plavna Hunting Ground. Dinner in a nearby csarda is a real gastronomic event.


A Bač sightseeing point is the Monastery, founded by the members of the knight/monk order the Templers, which got its partially still preserved look only in the first half of the 12th century. By the cancellation of the monk Templers order, the Monastery was owned by the Franciscans, in 1301. The Monastery keeps an icon of the painter Dumas, created in 1687 and it includes also one of the oldest libraries in Serbia, having preserved books from the 15th century.