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Vrnjačka Spa is the best visited and most popular spa in Serbia, rightly called 'The Spa Tourism Queen'. With the 140 years long resort tradition, it built its image also as an attractive tourism center for holiday, amusement and recreation. The statistics show the number of young tourists increases annually and the guests always return, especially at the time of many tourism events.
Vrnjačka Spa is located in the Central Serbia. It is 200 km far from  Belgrade, well connected by railway and road traffic with all country regions and the nearby mountains Kopaonik, Stolovi and Goč complete its plentiful offer. It has got a very long treatment tradition with seven mineral springs, where the Roman Legioneries 'bathed' once upon a time, already in the 2nd century:Topla (mineral water unique in the world by the human body temperature of 36.5°C), Snežnik (17°C), Jezero (27°C), Slatina (14°C), Beli izvor, Borjak and Vrnjačko Vrelo (Well).
There are great active holiday opportunities in Vrnjačka Spa. Nature fans select many trekking tours (one of the most beautiful ones is to the artificial lake on Goč), and the biking fans use several arranged tracks. In the spring/summer season, tourists have got at their disposal both coaches and mini trains driving to various directions. An inevitable attraction is also the Love Bridge. In order to save their love, tourists buy special padlocks, they write their names and the names of their dear partners, lock them to the bridge fence and throw the keys into the river. Vrnjačka Spa has got also one of the most beautiful parks in Serbia and within it the Japanese Garden with warefall, small lake, small bridge, a short stone paved path and a gate. A Spa sight is also the Culture Castle, previous summer house of  Belimarković family, one of the oldest buildings, built like the castles in Northern Italy. At present, it is the Homeland Museum.
Vrnjačka Banja has got the net of accommodation capacities with more than 15,000 beds. 5,000 of them are in the hotels, mansions and apartment settlements, about 850 are in the specialized medical center Merkur and about 10,000 in the private households. The Spa has got several convention halls, the largest one having the capacity of about 1,200 seats. Thus, this tourism/medical center was the host of Spa Stock Exchanges and Congresses. Many hotels have got indoor swimming pools and Wellness centers and the Sport Center is at the tourists' disposal, as well.



Tourist organization Vrnjačka Spa

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The wider area of Vrnjačka Spa is the richest tourism region of Serbia. Here, the Medieval Era meets modern trends everywhere. Tourists may have organized visit from Vrnjačka Spa to the nearby Monasteries Studenica, Žiča, Gradac, Sopoćani, Đurđevi Stupovi and the remnants of the fortresses Ras, Maglič, Brvenik and Koznik. They can also visit the Župa Cellars within the organized Wine Tour excursions.





Merkur Special Hospital, one of the medical tourism bases of Serbia, is the oasis of health, relaxing, medical and conventional tourism of Vrnjačka Spa. About 50 medical doctors provide medical services in it, specialists and subspecialists. It has got a contemporary medical department for prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of the digestive organs and diabetes. Thus, it has got the status of the National Center for Diabetes Prevention, Education and Treatment. Within Merkur, there are thermal mineral bath with mineral springs, outpatient/polyclinic department with specialist services, Wellness Center Fons Romanus, Peloid Center Limus Romanus and Aqua Center Waterfall. Merkur facilities are the new and old Merkur, Mirko Tomić and Šumadija, with the capacity of about 850 beds.

Within the Merkur Special Hospital, the Center of Medical Esthetics (CME) has been opened, unique in Serbia, with three programs  -  Obesity Treatment, Body Reshaping,  Anti-Cellulite and Relax.
Based upon the wishes and expectations, the programs include the receipt, examination and health condition evaluation, the personalized staying program creation, a menu based upon organic food, as well as the program of training / walking with recreation trainers and the personal therapist at one's disposal for 24 hours.

The Merkur Special Hospital in Vrnjačka Spa

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