In Belgrade, located among the first five destinations, along with New York, London, Paris and Vilnius at City Budget Planner, a new service of EXPEDIA travel portal (, there are about 240 events during a year, which is actually one of the basic reasons for visits of the international and local tourists to the capital of Serbia. One of the most attractive events is certainly the BOAT CARNIVAL, with the objective every last Saturday in August of promoting the rivers Sava and Danube and their confluence, making the recognizable image of Belgrade along with the Great War Island.á

This year's BOAT CARNIVAL (August 27, 2016), the twelfth one, representing the symbolic Belgrade's farewell to the summer, gathered in front of the Sava Promenade, at the area between the Branko's Bridge and Gazelle, decorated boats and ships from 20 Belgrade marinas, as well as the sportsmen from sailing, nautical and rowing clubs performing water acrobatics.

As declared by Mr. Miodrag PopoviŠ, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, "The Boat Carnival is one of the most exciting events, attracting not only the local visitors, but also the international tourists. In this way we want to contribute to Belgrade return to its rivers, from which it started".


The 12th BELGRADE BOAT CARNIVAL, organized by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, under support of Belgrade City Assembly, many city municipal services and event friends, was followed also by performances of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade and the Magic Chorus, Talia Art Center, Latino dancers, Cultural - Artistic Society Pearl, violin and string instrument players, The Unfaithful Babies Band and other participants.

The BOAT CARNIVAL was traditionally finished by fireworks.


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