The Exhibition of the National Museum of Serbia under the title Constantine the Great and the Milan Edict and the subtitle Christianity Rising in the Roman Provinces at Serbian Territory, at the archeological locality Viminatium, is an outstanding collection of authentic items from ten museums in Serbia, witnessing the reign of Constantine, the Milan Edict, Christianity starts at the Serbian territory. The exhibited material was created in the period from the end of the second century, preceding the era of Constantine the Great, then from the period of his reign, as the heritage of the first Roman Christian Emperor.


There are displayed 180 representative archeological artefacts, sculptures and fragments of architectural plastics, frescoes, mosaics, jewelry, cult and ceremonial character items, dishes from precious metals, ceramics and glass, parts of military parade equipment and Roman Emperor's coins, being authetic witnesses of various life aspects, public and private religion, of luxury and daily life. Among the exhibited items is also the famous Constāntine's Portrait,a bronze bust discovered in 1900, in Naisus (the present Nis), the native place of the Emperor Constantine, a masterpiece of the portrait art of the late ancient era, which went worldwide to the guest traveling exhibitions as an outstanding valuable exhibit of the Roman cultural heritage. The living wealth in the urban centers are items made of gold, silver and bronze, archeological findings from residential complexes of Sirmium, Nāisus, Mediāna and Felix Romuliana, as well as the Ruler's jewelry found in Sārkāmen. Among the exhibits a very important mining and craft activities at this territory are the findings discovered in Singidunum and Viminatium, as well as those near Sabac, from the region of Rudnik mountain and the Danube limes.

After the Exhibition opening, within the celebration program on 17 Centuries Since Proclaiming the Milan Edict, by which the Christianity was equalized with other religions, Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida was performed in the reconstructed Roman Amphitheater, celebrating this year the 200th Anniversary of his birth. The Viminatium Amphitheater received for this opportunity 2,200 visitors and after the reconstruction, by the end of 2013, it will have 4,500 seats.

The Exhibition in Viminātium is installed by the end of June, from July 2 to September 8 it will be in the National Museum in Belgrade and in Nis from September 19 to October 31, 2013. Items from various collections are displayed according to the life segments: culture, army and daily life of the Roman Empire.







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