National Tourism Organization of Serbia, under cooperation with this year's host,  Organization for Tourism and Culture of Sokobanja, organized in the Moravica Hotel, in Sokobanja, the destination celebrating this year 180 years of organized tourism,  the 8th Tourism Forum (May 10 - 13, 2017), having the objective of informing through educational sessions and workshops the representatives of the local Tourism Organizations of the strategic directions of tourism development, contemporary trends in the presentation and promotion of tourism potentials and, first of all, to inform them of the possibilities of applying for EU Fond projects. In accordance with this objective, the introduction speech 'How to Support Tourism Development in Serbia through EU Programs' was provided (Vladimir Zafirović, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia), as well. Since the tourism is the economic branch showing the continuous growth, supports the development of public/private partnership and provides the income that goes into the budget, at the Forum, attended by many attendees from the local and regional Tourism Organizations from Serbia and tourism journalists, Ms. Marija Labović, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, pointed out "The Forum is important because the methods of Serbian tourism enhancement are discussed there and Serbia is becoming an increasingly interesting and demanded tourism destination. At the same time, the objective of the Forum itself, in addition to the official section, is also getting closer and together, in order to achieve higher results and establish better mutual cooperation in tourism". She also featured the current campaign of Serbian tourism at BBC, as well as an innovation related to the winners of the most prestigious award of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia - The Tourism Flower, which enables direct featuring of the winners to the general publics through promotions and panel discussions.
The educational section of the Forum consisted of the lectures 'Priorities and Challenges in Serbian Tourism Strategy Implementation' (Aleksandar N. Denda, Adviser of the Deputy Prime Minister in the Government of Serbia), ,,Hotel Industry Position in Serbia" (Dr Georgi Genov, HORES CEO), "Travel Agencies' Role in the Local Tourism Development" (Aleksandar Seničić, YUTA CEO), "Research of the Foreign Tourists' Attitudes and Behavior in Serbia" (Saša Jovančić, ProPozitiv CEO), 'Cultural Needs and Habits of Serbian Citizens' (Bogdana Opačić i Bojana Subašić, researchers in the Center for Study in Cultural Development) and 'Cultural Tourism - EDEN' (Dejan Crnomarković, Adviser in the National Tourism Organization of Serbia).

The Forum was followed also by many sport competitions.

Representatives of the Municipality and Organization for Tourism and Culture of Sokobanja,, led by Mr. Ljubinko Milenković, CEO, informed the Forum attendees also of the destination attractions - medieval fortress Sokograd, picnic sites Banjica and Lepterija, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the 7th Century, Hajduk Veljko's Cave, the picturesque gorge of the river   Moravica, Ripaljka Waterfall and the Ethnic Park Kalinovica on Ozren.






The next, 9th Tourism Forum will be held at Palić.

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