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In the picturesque town Kovačica, famous for the great colony of naive painters, within the  Kovačica October event, the sixth Festival of the Slovak Traditional Cuisine, Old Crafts and Folklore  - "Dolnozemsky Jarmok" was held (on October 4, 2014). The Festival was held for the first time in Hungary, in 2008, with the idea that the nations of the countries where the Slovaks live should better get to know the Slovak cultural heritage. As declared by Ms.  Ivana Svetlik, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Kovačica Municipality, "The Festival was organized so far in Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Five years ago, the Festival host was Bački Petrovac, now it is Kovačica and next time, it will be in  Stara Pazova. The objective is to feature each time a new center of the Slovaks in Serbia".


Tourism journalists and the Festival visitors in Kovačica, the accompanying winning destination at the national competition of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia for the European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN, enjoyed the program prepared by the Slovaks from Kovačica, Padina, Dobanovci
and other nearby places. They could visit the home of the painter Martin Jonas, visit the Evangelist Church, built in 1824, the violin manufacturing workshop of Mr. Jan Nemecek, visit the painter Ms. Zuzana Veresky, who exhibited in Germany, Paris, Israel, Geneva, New York City and other global centers. 

During the Festival of the Slovak Traditional Cuisine, Old Crafts and Folklore, attended by 30 various Associations, with more than 400 exhibitors with authentic products sold to the visitors, there was the Scientific Education Camp, in Idvor, organized to honor the 160th Anniversary of Mihajlo Pupin's birth. 

The Festival, visited also by the Slovaks from Hungary, Romania and Croatia (from Ilok and Rijeka), was held under the auspices of the Office for Slovaks in Diaspora. As declared by His Excellency Mr. Ján Varso,  Ambassador of Slovakia to Serbia, "The Slovak minority in Serbia is well integrated and at the same time, it preserves its identity and culture".






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