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At the Southeast Banat, in the Near river valley, lies Bela Crkva, one of the sunniest towns in Serbia. This beautiful town, just at the border with Romania, 100 km far away from Belgrade, may be reached from two directions: a road takes via Pančevo and Kovin and another one via Alibunar and Banatski Karlovci. Bela Crkva lies in a picturesque valley, surrounded by Vršac and Banat Mountains, the Lokve elevation and Deliblato Sands open toward the Pannonian Plain.
This town full of parks, beautiful nature and old streets, has got a tumultuous history. It was crossed by Celts, Romans, Goths, Germans, Avars, Slavs, Germans . At the crossroads of two roads the town itself was founded by the Austro-Hungarian Count Claudius Florimund Merci, in 1717. Nowadays, the most impressive points in Bela Crkva are lively painted facades in Baroque style and heavy large gates with wonderful relief ornaments, each one unlike any other. There is almost no balcony or window without flowers. Their architectural beauty points out the buildings of Minicipality, once the Magistrate seat, the building of the Parish of Romanian Orthodox Church, a pharmacy built as long ago as in 1804, but also many private houses.
Bela Crkva is a town of flowers, carnivals, greenery, fruits and especially clean lakes as the trade mark of the town. They were made by gravel excavation and there are about ten of them. Six of them are convenient for swimming and the most interesting ones are the Main and Vračevgajsko Lakes. The crystal clean, blue/green water was classified as the first class. Tourists may select a lake with wild beaches, fully surrounded by untouched nature, or to decide for a lake with all opportunities provided by an urban beach: restaurants, cafes, showers, sport grounds, water sports, paddle boats and chartered sailing boats. Bela Crkva is a Municipality with the most waters in Vojvodina, near to it are the rivers Nera, Karaš and the Danube, so it is famous as a real fishing paradise. Also the hunting grounds near Bela Crkva are rich, having a lot of games, especially in the area of the Deliblato Sands, famous for its name The European Sahara.
The picturesque surrounding of Bela Crkva, the wealth of water areas, a unique flora and fauna, a lot of fruits. Especially apples, the events, such as Flower Carnival and Bela Crkva in Apples, the hospitality and kindness of the hosts, include this region into the most beautiful ones in Vojvodina, especiallu in Banat. Thus, it fully deserves the name The Tourist Heart of Banat.



The Orthodox Church, built in 1780, was mutual for the Serbs and Romanians up to 1868. Čučuk-Stana, the widow of Hajduk Veljko, got married in it. When the rising was terminated, she fled to Bela Crkva, where she married the Greek hero Georgis Georgios. At present, there is Romanian Orthodox Church, as well. Very impressive is also the Russian Church, built early last century.
Veoma je upečatljiva i Ruska crkva izgrađena početkom prošlog veka.
Museum, the oldest one in Vojvodina, founded in 1877.
The View Point 'Three Crosses' and  hundreds of years old town park with the central space for festivities and meetings.
Special attraction are the ethnic villages Češko Selo and Stara Palanka.
By a ferry across the Danube, one may reach the old Roman fortress Ram and the nearby archeological finding Viminacium.
Deliblato Sands (The European Sahara), unique in Europe, is located 15 km far from Bela Crkva.


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The tourist complex Rafaelo with a swimming pool, the Hotel Royal, The Lake Annexes, private mansions Laguna and Villa Marija, apartments in the weekend settlement on the Town Lake (the Villas Emilija, Ljiljana, Besi, Raviojla, Mima .), the Villa Oasa, household rooms, flats and houses and all types of private accommodation.


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