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Cluster of Health, Wellness and Spa Tourism Serbia, supported by Central European Initiative (CEI), organized the 8th CEI REGIONAL FORUM WELLNESS & SPA INDUSTRY, in order to transfer the experiences and skills from the professionals from CEI countries not EU members and the support to the cooperation of the small and medium sized enterprises and clusters through networking, knowledge transfer and good practice examples, B2B and C2C. The Forum, held at the locality DOMUS SCIENTIARIUM VIMINACIUM in Kostolac(October 19, 2017), gathered prominent experts and professionals from the health, Wellness and Spa tourism from Serbia and the region, among them Mr. Joachim Lieber (Germany, European Spas Association ESPA), Mr. Tobias Bielenstein (Germany, EuropeSpa Med & Wellness GmbH, Roman Thermal Spas of Europe ), Mr. Michael Wallace (Hungary, Danubius Health Spa Resorts), Ms. Ioana Marian (Romania, Global Wellness Institute), Ms. Zinka Kosec, (Slovenia, Higher Trade School for Cosmetics and Wellness), Ms. Anamarija Pažin (Croatia"Laurus Slow Spa"), Prof.Dr. Milisav Čutović (Serbija, Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Dr. Snežana Štetić (Serbia, Higher Tourism School), Dr. Julka Kuzmanović Cvetković (Serbia, National Museum Toplice) and many others.
The Forum main topic was "Spa Culture and Tradition and Contemporary Wellness and Spa Concepts". In this respect it was discussed 'How to create the authenthic Wellness and Spa tourism product?' and 'What are the experiences based upon the regional and local spa tradition on the cultural and natural heritage, but with the focus on the Roman time?'.
The panel discussions, which would be more effective if they were shorter, were dealing in the local and regional branding, quality, guest motivation and good practice examples. The Aroma Therapy Workshop - Fragrant Travel to the Ancient Rome was organized, as well. From the point of view of the basic topic, applied to Serbia, interesting were the data mentioned by Dr. Nata Ćirić (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications), saying "in the first eight months of 2017 spa resorts participated with 17.96% in the total arrivals of tourists to Serbia and the tourism turnover in Serbian spas grew for 9.7% compared with the same period last year".

Conclusing this encouraging Forum, Ms. Nataša Ranitović, President of the Cluster of Health, Wellness and Spa Tourism Serbia, pointed out "The Forum is a venue where skills and experiences are transferred.

This is the day for learning. We learned how to connect the Roman Spa culture, the Roman 2,000 years long tradition and how to apply it to make contemporary Wellness concepts, how to create the authentic Spa product in our regions and turn it into the brand which attracts local and international guests".

The Forum, which was included by CEI in 2014 into its five best projects, was followed also by the visit to the locality Viminacium and the best preserved Roman thermal spas in Serbia, as well as food tasting made by the recipes of the Roman legionaries.




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