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JUNAKOVIĆ SPA, one of the three famous Vojvodina spas, recommended to the guests under the slogan Your Part of the Pannonian Sea, is 4.5 km far from the beer town Apatin and the Danube, 75 km from Subotica, 115 km from Novi Sad and 190 km from Belgrade. And whatever the distance may be, one can reach it fast and easy, especially if one wants rest and relaxing.
The Junaković Spa thermal springs were discovered already in 1913. A year later, the water analysis was carried out in Budapest and it was classified at the same level by its physical/chemical characteristics as the curing waters of famous spas, such as Karlove Vary, Harkány and Lipik. There passed a lot of time from the idea to realization. Thus, only in 1983, the Junaković Spa reached its full shine.

The curing water, coming out from the depth of 700 meters and having the temperature of about 50°C has to be cooled for use. It is as curing and with a slightly salt taste in the swimming pools as in the hotel taps. Hence, one may ’have a bath’ also in one’s own bathroom, but only bottled water may be used for drinking.


The Junaković Spa Rehabilitation/Recreation Center, surrounded by the oak, black locust and European Ash forest, has got well organized rehabilitation programs after bone breaks and orthopedic surgery, neurologic, rheumatic and gynecological diseases. Under surveillance of skilled medical staff in this complex, having 270 beds, hydro, electric, laser and kinetic, magnetic, paraffin and working therapies are carried out there. Especially popular are under water and hand massages (anti-cellulite, relax, honey and chocolate, feet reflex massage, Scrub Marine Spa Treatment, lymph drainage and others), included by the MINI, DAILY, WEEKEND AND SEVEN DAY PACKAGES.

The guests of the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Junaković Apatin, visited by Serbian tourism journalists, have got at their disposal the indoor thermal swimming pool (water temperature 36°C) and 10 outdoor ones with diving boards and toboggans, saunas, four tennis courts, the beach volley court, the Health Path through the Junaković Park Forest, biking lanes, Toza Lake stocked with fish, the eight lane bowling unit, manufactured by the standards of the World Bowling Federation WNBA-NBC, a restaurant with 450 seats capacity, ideal for all types of celebrations and pass by lunches, as well as two conference halls for seminars, including contemporary AV equipment. In the summer season, night baths, water games and various amusing programs are organized. The gastronomic experience in the form of the famous fish stew in the kettle is not omitted, either.



Among many legends speaking of the spa name origin, the most symphatetic is the one saying the Uskok pirates used to live in the nearby Stapar, cruising on the Danube and robbing the rich men. They were brave in the fight and by them (junak = hero), the heroes, the spa actually got its name.




From the extensive Wellness offer of the rest and relaxing, we would point out the popular Gypsum Bermuda Shorts, algae body treatment, the Morocco Wellness based upon the argan oil, Ayurveda – Indian Massage, under water massage and Finnish Saunas




The nearby Apatin, is famous except by beer and The Fishermen’s Evenings, which understand fishing competitions, fish specialties preparation and the tamburitza music, also by The Meeting of the St. Apostles Orthodox Church, just on the bank of the Danube, The Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, in which there is one of the rare examples of the wooden statue of the Black Virgin Mary holding Jesus in her arms, and since short time, also by an outstanding monument to Nikola Tesla.

The Danube vicinity is convenient for fishing and water sports. Apatin has got also the international marina, categorized with three anchors with the bronze sculpture of Nike Goddess with Andrew’s Cross as the protection symbol. The tourist ship Apatinka sails from the marina through the Nature Reservation Upper Danube Region branches. The excursion is especially interesting for the photo safari and bird watching fans.

Apatin Marsh Hunting Ground – due to their high trophy value, the deer from this hunting ground belong to the most respected ones in the world.

Homeland Museum in Prigrevica – with the items from the time period of this region settlement.

28 km far Sombor with Milan Konjović Gallery, coaches and many ethnic houses and farms.

A form part of the staying in JUNAKOVIĆ SPA is also enjoying an outstanding art collection of sculpturing and painting works, mostly created within the Painting Colony Kolut Mandić. Special attraction is an imposing collection of oil paintings on canvas of the famous painter Milan Konjović.

On the occasion of the Vidovdan Meetings of Writers and Poets 2016 and the book promotion Monograph of Junaković Spa ((the author Tomislav Šimunović, published by the Assembly of the Apatin Municipality and Dr. Živorad Smiljanić), Dr. Rajko Majstorović, CEO of the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Junaković Apatin, opened, along with the tourism journalists, also the new café library Miroslav Mika Antić.

Junaković Spa expands its activities. Thus, the new Wellness & Spa Center construction has been planned, as well.


The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin

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